Wanna own a tiger? Website offers help, incurs wrath

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Wanna own a tiger? Website offers help, incurs wrath

New Delhi, Sept 14 (PTI) Fancy owning a tiger? An Italy-based website that claims to give you options to buy the “most fashionable animal” has sparked concern amongst animal rights organisations and Wildlife officials who have begun a probe into the advertisement.
“We chanced upon this website that claims to sell tigers that have been bred in India,” Jayasimha, a functionary of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) told PTI.

The website advertises that it is the only one in the world which has been breeding tigers in India and shipping them worldwide since 1984. It offers “a five-month-old tigress at a cost of USD 13,400, and comes with an “ivory collar”, three “tiger toys” and a guide.

Buyers are informed that the site does not trade in Siberian white tigers and does not ship tigers to places that are not conducive to their climate needs. Also they do not sell more than one tiger to a single customer as they point out that two tigers should not stay together for their safety.

“We have written letters to the Ministry of Environment and Forests, CITES and the French government bringing to their notice the claims of the website buytigers.Com , which says it sells five-month-old female tigers,” says Sachin B of Peta.

The Peta letter claimed that the website says: “It was a dream until yesterday, now it’s true. Directly from our India breeding, we give you the possibility to buy a tiger online and without any trouble.” PTI



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