Ways to help end tiger acts in New England

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Please contact the Village Trustees or Essex Select Board to voice your opposition to the Nerger Tiger and Lion Show.  The contact info is pasted in blow.  You can also contact Rev. Gary Kowalski at gary@uusociety.org if you're interested in working longer term toward a local ordinance that would ban this type of circus act in the future. 

Letters to the papers (Burlington Free Press and Seven Days) are also to be encouraged, regardless of where folks happen to live.  The Fair is a regional event that attracts customers from all over. 

Send thanks to: monag@pricechopper.comgary@uusociety.org

Copy the fair organizers at: spetrie@cvexpo.orgcashby@cvexpo.orgrlewis@cvexpo.org

Copy the reporter at: shemingway@bfp.burlingtonfreepress.com

7Days news has a forum here: http://www.7dvt.com/forum/

Post a comment at: http://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/article/20090828/NEWS/90828018


Board of Trustees Contact Information

Click here to e-mail all the Trustees at once 

Staff:  David Crawford, Village Manager

If you would like an item included on the agenda for a Trustees meeting, please contact David Crawford, Village Manager by phone at 802-878-6944, by mail at Village of Essex Junction, 2 Lincoln St., Essex Junction, VT 05452, or send e-mail to dave@essexjunction.org.

Members of the Board of Trustees


Lawrence C. Yandow, Jr.
Phone:(H) 878-5529
E-mail (H) 

Term Expires April,

Deborah A. Billado
Phone: (H) 879-4225, (W) 878-2660

Term Expires April,

Peter Gustafson
Phone: (H) 879-2941, (W) 878-1388

Term Expires April,

John Lajza
Phone: (H) 878-2678

Term Expires April,

George Tyler
Phone (H) 878-7785, (W) 264-3107

Term Expires April,

Visit Gary Kowolski's blog


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Video Shows Fair Entertainers Whipping Tigers

Anyone who's ever owned a cat knows you don't own a cat. And you don't train them to do stupid animal tricks, either, like standing on their hind legs while walking backward. It's not part of the feline character.

That's even more true of big cats like lions and tigers, who aren't domestic house pets but wild predators with no inborn impulse to bond with humans or please a two-legged audience.

So circus events like the "Nerger Lion and Tiger Show," currently running at the Champlain Valley Fair, that feature lords of the jungle doing sit-ups and jumping through flaming hoops require rather drastic training methods, namely, bullying, whips and physical intimidation.

Of course, circus performers say they love their animals and would never abuse them. According to a Burlington Free Press article in yesterday's paper by Sam Hemingway, "the Nergers … said they do not harm the animals to make them perform."

"It takes a lot of patience, a lot of treats," Judit Nerger said as she stood outside the pen of a 3-month-old tiger cub at the fair Friday afternoon, according to Hemingway. "You never mistreat an animal like that. The training methods these days have nothing to do what they did 20 or 25 years ago."

But unlike the Nergers, pictures don't lie. To learn the truth, watch a video of Juergen Nerger using whips to control his big cats on YouTube at the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaKrXvgFb9k.

During the performance, the animals do the waltz, snake walk and even play leap frog—not normal feline behaviors, but unnatural acts performed out of fear.

On the McKay Entertainment website that books their shows, the Nergers say they consider their lions and tigers to be like part of their family.

Maybe those would be family members that they whip?

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bigcatrescue said...

It is obvious in the video that the cats are extremely fearful and stressed. Laying back the ears, squinting the eyes and shying back from the whip all tell the trained observer that these cats have been brutalized since they were cubs. Even when he is giving a treat, the cat is shying away from his embrace. This is not love; it is fear.


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