Male Tiger Born 2010 Rescue from the circus by ADI June 2018 Arrived at Big Cat Rescue November 25, 2019

Simba the tiger was rescued from the circus in Guatemala. We believe he was born in 2010. He came to us with two other male tigers, Max and Kimba.

Of the three tigers, when they arrived at Big Cat Rescue Simba proved to be the extrovert in the group. When the door of his travel crate was opened, he exited enthusiastically and headed right for one of our large cylindrical toys and started playing with it.

Rescued from a life of circus suffering in Guatemala by Animal Defenders International (ADI) in June of 2018, Kimba (almost age 3), Max and Simba (both age 9) started their new lives at their forever home at Big Cat Rescue! This is the largest international rescue of exotic cats for Big Cat Rescue in over 20 years.

You can become a sponsor for this amazing tiger and receive a fun sponsorship kit in the mail which includes a large photo and more.

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