Male Tiger Born 2017 Rescue from the circus by ADI June 2018 Arrived at Big Cat Rescue November 25, 2019

Kimba is a male tiger who was rescued from the circus in Guatemala along with two other tigers, Max and Simba. Kimba is the youngest, born sometime in 2017.

During the handover from the circus to ADI the circus workers started beating Kimba viciously with an iron bar until he bled.  The ADI rescuers intervened to save his life. Kimba was left terrified, with a bleeding leg and mouth.

In circus confinement even such powerful predators are completely at the mercy of their captors. But thanks to the visitors and donors who allow us to provide lifetime care, no one will ever harm Kimba again.

At Big Cat Rescue, tigers like Kimba will each enjoy their own spacious (approximately 4,000-sq-feet) natural enclosure with freshwater pools for cooling off and splashing, numerous shade trees, soft grass and foliage, dens, and large platforms. 

They will have the best medical and dental care at Big Cat Rescue’s onsite Windsong Memorial Hospital as well as proper nutrition and mentally stimulating enrichment treats several times a week.

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