Female Bobcat DOB appx. 7/1/15 Rescued 11/11/15

Mrs. Claws was rescued when she was a tiny kitten by a rehabber in Christmas, Florida.  She had been bitten in the head by an unknown animal.

Because Mrs. Claws was so young she would require special care and training to prepare her for a life in the wild.  The rehabber knew about our bobcat rehab program and thought Big Cat Rescue would be a great place for Mrs. Claws to continue her rehabilitation.

Mrs. Claws also had no fear of people despite having no human interaction and her caregivers wearing camouflage ghillie suites.  In one test, one of our male staff was sent out to her enclosure to walk around the outside and leave.  She did not run away and hide, nor did she hiss or growl.

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