Female DOB 12/20/03 Arrived at Big Cat Rescue on 11/17/16

Priya was born at Big Cats of Serenity Springs on 12/20/03 and had 4 cubs by Charaka Tiger on 3/14/10 while still at Serenity Springs. Priya and Charaka had been used as breeding stock for the pay to play schemes at Big Cats of Serenity Springs and elsewhere

The day after her arrival she was rushed into the onsite Windsong Memorial Hospital to be evaluated. She had an extended belly, inappetence, crankiness and inability to lay comfortably on her side.

Priya was fortunate to be one of the early cats to be moved out of Serenity Springs to a facility that was capable of discerning her distress and acting quickly.  You can all be proud to have been part of the team who saved her life.

Priya got her very first pumpkin. Watch how much fun she had playing with it and destroying it!!

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