White Tiger Bites FL Man During Rap Video in Miami

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Tiger bites Loxahatchee wildlife trainer during rapper's video shoot

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

There was real blood on the set of rapper Rick Ross' video shoot in
Miami for "Here I Am."

Loxahatchee wildlife trainer Mark McCarthy got bit on the leg by his
white tiger Sabi, who was in a scene as Ross' pet.

McCarthy is now laid up with two puncture wounds in his right calf.
He canceled school programs he had scheduled for the next week.

He said the bite happened on Monday when Sabi got tangled in her
chain and McCarthy tried to free her. Sabi had rolled over like a
house cat and the chain tightened around her neck, McCarthy said.
Sabi panicked.

"She's starting to choke. Whatever's around her she figures is
choking her and she's biting in all directions," McCarthy said.

The tiger trainer said blood seeped through his jeans, but he refused
to stop production. He was briefly treated by paramedics on the scene
and the shoot continued.

"Won't be the first time I've been bit, won't be the last. I've been
bit by everything from venomous snakes to tigers and leopards and
monkeys and who knows what else," said the 52-year-old owner of
McCarthy's Wildlife Sanctuary, who has been handling wild animals
since he was 16.

But he said the $5,000 bonus he got for the video will barely make up
for the shows he missed.

Nelly is also in the video, but was not on set at the time.


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