Will We Save the Florida Panther 2007

Will We Save the Florida Panther 2007

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At Big Cat Rescue we often try to help others understand why the cat populations are going down in places like Asia and Africa. We sometime forget that this is happening in our own backyard. Take a look at the current situation of the Florida Panther. Even though their numbers are slightly higher than reported in the 1980’s after decades of over hunting there are more killed on the roads than ever before.

In 2006 we had 11 endangered panthers killed by vehicles.

And in 2007 we have 15 so far. The total population is only 80-100 left.

*you will hear Brian say 14 twice in the video as in the time it took from filming to producing another cat was killed)
What will be the future of these predators here in Florida?

The police trying to ticket speeders and the few protected fenced roadways can only do so much. It is up to us to decide if we really will change the way we use up land and resources to allow room for these beautiful predators.

Thanks for watching.

For more info on the Panther (cougar/ mountain lion etc…) go to:


*Special thanks to those that appeared in this video and those who helped me collect panther data.

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