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Big Cats Wish List

You can donate to the cats and keepers by going to our Amazon Wish List and purr-chasing needed items that will be sent directly to the sanctuary!

To donate veterinary items check out this wish list:

Other items are shown below:

Things You May Have & Don’t Need we might – look around your garage or office or consider purchasing?

Lawn Tools of all kinds, especially shovels, rakes, limb loppers, weed eaters.

Garden hoses, sprayers and nozzles. Hoses need to be: New, Heavy Duty, Anti-Kink, Garden Hose in 25 ft length only. These are available at Home Depot.

Storage containers of all sizes.

Copy paper, office supplies.

Plants, flower and grass seeds. Plants, shrubs, trees… Please check the toxic list first if you are donating plants.

New AA and 9 volt batteries or rechargeable with charger for radio contact and smoke detectors.

You can ship any of the above to Big Cat Rescue at 12802 Easy Street  Tampa, FL.  33625 along with an invoice estimating the value and we will mail a Donation Receipt back to you.  Thank you for helping the Big Cats at Big Cat Rescue!

Other Things You Can Buy to Help:

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Lunch for interns and volunteers – $200.00

Big Cat Rescue relies on more than 85 dedicated volunteers and about 50 interns from all over the world live on property for three months at a time who provide roughly 30 Full Time people in manpower hours.  They work in the heat, the bugs, the rain and the cold to take care of more than 60 big cats and they do it all for free.  Just like the cats; they all need to eat.

Camera Traps (often called Game cameras) $570.00

Help us track exotic cats in the wild so that we can assist in protecting much needed habitat for them.  The best cameras are digital ones because the native people we have trained often do not have access to mail to send us film, but often can get to an Internet Cafe and send the images digitally.  Sponsor one of these and we will copy you with the photos we get for a year.