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FLAVIO  Male Siberian/Bengal Tiger DOB 1989 DOD 1/5/2014 Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 1/1/2002   Flavio arrived at Big Cat Rescue in 2002 after retiring from the circus.  He was hailed as the smartest circus tiger ever known.  He performed a light and music number flawlessly for years until he decided one day that he didn't like the other tigers and all he wanted to do was fight.   Perhaps he really was the smartest circus tiger because that bought him a ticket to retirement with us.   He was known here Read More

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  For many cities and towns across our country the circus is a tradition of the holiday season. Revelations about behind the scenes practices of the circus raises serious questions about an event that many Americans regard as a holiday tradition. For the most part, the circus is a wonderful event. The clowns, acrobats, trapeze artists and other talented performers provide terrific entertainment. There is, however, a dark side to traditional circuses that the industry keeps far from the glare of the bright lights of the big top. The “tricks” Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue June 6 2013

Today at Big Cat Rescue was full of Foster Kittens and Storm Preparation Play the Ad for the Hamburger Mary's Event to Benefit Big Cat Rescue on July 1 and then RSVP to 813 241-MARY Lovey Bobcat gets her stitches out and moves back outside, next to Thurston AKA Mr Howell   The cats are hunker down in their dens to ride out Tropical Storm Andrea Can you see Tommie Girl the Bobcat in this photo?   Mr E takes to his fort for watching out for  Tropical Storm Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Apr 26 2013

Big Cat Rescue Intern Up for Best Park Ranger Job in Australia   We are so excited that our former Intern, Margi Shah, has been shortlisted for Best Park Ranger Job in Australia! Please help her in her quest to be chosen because you know that Big Cat Rescue Volunteers are the best trained in the world. More about the contest here:   Flavio Tiger Sleeps In   Flavio Tiger Sleeps Read More

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Circus tiger escapes during Kansas show

Circus tiger escapes during show in Salina   SALINA, Kan. (AP) — A circus tiger gets loose behind the scenes during a show in Kansas but is quickly captured by handlers before many spectators knew what was going on.The Salina Journal ( reports the big cat escaped backstage during an Isus Shrine Circus show at 7 p.m. Saturday at the Salina Bicentennial Center. Staff members blocked off all entrances where the public could come into contact with the tiger to minimize risk. That included a public restroom, where Read More
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