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7 responses to “PressRoom”

  1. Michelle Johnson says:

    I cannot express how incredibly saddened I am to hear of the story in Ohio today. The fact of the matter is, the individual that owned these animals had numerous and lengthy violations against him. Ohio has NO regulations whatsoever about privately owning big cats (non native species). Evidently he needed permits for the bears, but Ohio doesn’t regulate the ownership of non native species, like cheetahs, lions and tigers.

    This is just another example of why EVERY state needs to outlaw private ownership of wild animals….wild animals belong IN THE WILD and not in backyard zoos or pseudo-sanctuaries. I have no problem with accredited zoos and sanctuaries owning these animals, since they have habitats, enclosures and experienced animal personnel working to keep the animals safe and healthy.

    I completely understand that our (human beings) safety supersedes that of the animals, but these beautiful animals were hunted and murdered one by one due to the gross negligence of a human being. I’m not sorry the man killed himself (or whatever happened to him)….I’m deeply sorry these animals now have to pay the ultimate price for this idiots dereliction.

    It’s just infuriating to me when animals are needlessly killed…and who knows why the guy let his animals loose…you’d think if he cared for them at all, that he would have just killed himself and left the animals caged so that they could find new homes elsewhere.

  2. 紫流 says:


  3. ChaCha McKnight says:

    Oh I can't wait to come and visit the cats

  4. Toni Skiles says:

    I was there in October 2013 & it was enlightening there was so much I learned that makes it worth visiting again. I highly recommend the tour

  5. I love Bigcatrescue and what you do for all those animals

  6. Alley Dirks says:

    I have seen an ocelot in our area- we have woods on our farm in Hill County, Texas. I first thought it was a jaquar (kinda looked like one)- and My neighbor said she saw one running across our pasture from one section of the woods to another section. I hope it has a mate…it would be sad to think it is a lone. WE have large oak trees ….we moved to the other end of our land and built a new house on another part of the farm near the woods….Late at night….we heard what I call a wild cat sound….,I think we built too close to a tree that he called his, he was letting us know he didnt like it…since then, I havent seen him or her…that has been nearly 3 years ago…I do hope that animal is ok.

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