Wildcats in the Wild

Our Mission, Their Future

Our Mission: A World Where Big Cats Roam Free

At Big Cat Rescue, we are not just a sanctuary for tigers and other big cats; we’re a movement. Our mission is twofold: to put an end to the abuse of big cats living in captivity and to work tirelessly to prevent the extinction of big cats in the wild. We’ve been on this journey since November 4, 1992, and every single day we come closer to realizing our vision—a world where the majesty of these magnificent creatures is respected and protected.

What Makes Us Stand Apart

While many organizations work to rescue and rehabilitate, we go a step further. We are at the frontline, combating the very systems that perpetuate the cycle of abuse and endangerment. Through groundbreaking legislation that ended the private possession of big cats and public contact with them and their cubs in 2022 and other impactful educational initiatives, we aim to put a global end to the exotic cat trade.

Our Feline Family: Not Just Survivors, but Thrivers

Each former resident of Big Cat Rescue has a story—some were abandoned, others were abused to entertain, and many were saved from unthinkable fates. Their stories are a testament to the resilience of spirit and the enduring will to live free. Big Cat Rescue is committed to providing lifetime care for them at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. These cats were:

  • 🐾 Abandoned by ill-informed owners
  • 🐾 Forced to perform through abuse
  • 🐾 Retired tigers from a life of performing
  • 🐾 Rescued from the fur industry
  • 🐾 Orphaned, after hunters took their mothers

Dive Deeper into Big Cat Rescue

We’re proud to have the endorsement of celebrities, the backing of multiple awards, and extensive media coverage. We maintain complete transparency, sharing our finances and operations, so you can be confident that your support is put to the best possible use.

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