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At Big Cat Rescue, our mission is more than a statement; it’s a way of life. We strive to offer a loving home to the majestic big cats under our care, end the abuse these beautiful creatures face in captivity, and play an active role in the #conservation efforts aimed at preventing their extinction in the wild.

Why Choose to Donate to Big Cat Rescue? ⭐ We’re proud to be a 4-star charity as per Charity Navigator, cementing our place as one of the most transparent and financially responsible nonprofits in the game. Charity Navigator

Ways to Donate:

  • Credit Card: Swipe towards a brighter future for our big cats.
  • PayPal: Click to contribute, it’s that simple.
  • Ethereum (ETH): Embrace the digital age in #conservation.
  • Check: Old-school, but it gets the job done!
  • Matching Donations: Double the impact! Check if your company matches charitable donations and multiply your gift.

Giving Makes a Difference! 🌈 Your contribution not only aids in the day-to-day care of our resident cats but also fuels ongoing campaigns to end private ownership of these magnificent animals and the cub petting industry in the U.S.

No matter how you choose to give, every dollar brings us a step closer to a world where all wild cats can live free, the way they were meant to be. Your generosity means the world to us, and we promise to make your donation go as far as possible in achieving our shared vision.

We truly appreciate your support. Whether big or small, every donation helps pave the way for a more humane and sustainable world.

Big Cat Rescue is a 4star Charity with CharityNavigator

Donate to save big cats.

In order to meet the varying interests of our donors below are buttons to different ways to donate.  We hope you will find one that appeals to you.  Every donation helps. We appreciate your support at whatever level is possible for you.
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Big Cat Rescue can take donations of ETH at BigCatRescue.ETH


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Check Donations

Make check or money order payable to Big Cat Rescue and mail to 17342 Gunn Highway Odessa, FL 33556. Any questions email or you can do it online now by choosing the eCheck button here

Company Matching Donation

Please check with your employer to see if they have a matching program. This is a great way to double your impact at no cost to you.