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Today at Big Cat Rescue July 16 President Jamie Veronica Birthday

Jamie Veronica, President of Big Cat Rescue is Celebrating a Birthday Today   Roar out for big cat cubs here: Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue July 15 Tiger Eye Surgery

Nikita the tiger had been on the Observation chart recently because his eye was tearing. Today eye specialist Dr. Tammy Miller, accompanied by Dr. Stein, Dr. Wynn and Dr. Boorstein and Vanessa Czelaya did surgery to repair the eye. Jamie Veronica sedated the 600+ lb tiger with Gale's help as a distraction. Then a whole troupe of Big Cat Rescuers carried him out to the new flatbed golf cart and rushed him into the onsite West Boensch Cat Hospital. The surgery went great and in no time Nikita tiger was back in a transport cage on his way back Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Feb 11

Viral Video Award for Do Big Cats Purr by Big Cat Rescue No More "Florida Panther Cub" Exploitation at Florida Panther Games   One of our AdvoCats named Denise contacted us last week because she was distressed that some back yard breeder type was taking a cougar cub (trying to pass it off as a Florida Panther) to a Florida Panther hockey game.  The people with the cougar cub were treating her as if she were a pet and letting some people pet her at their booth.  That is only legal between the ages of 8-12 weeks, but it is nearly impossible Read More

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Ohio Local Owners Call for Regulations Reversal of Dangerous Animal Ban

Butternut Farms caretaker Rick Armstrong kneels next to an African civet as it stalks around the interior of its enclosure. / Matthew Berry, The Advocate JOHNSTOWN -- For years, Evelyn Shaw has volunteered at Butternut Farms Wildcat Sanctuary in Johnstown and cared for large cats of her own, including a mountain lion. But after then-Gov. Ted Strickland issued an emergency executive order Jan. 6 making it illegal to possess, sell or transfer "dangerous wild animals," the Pataskala woman is anxious to learn how the new ban will affect Read More