Mother tiger with cubs in miserable zoo
Mother tiger with cubs in miserable zoo

At Big Cat Rescue we don’t believe that any exotic cat should be bred for life in a cage.  Zoos that are accredited by the American Zoological Association (AZA) have done a good job of convincing the public that they are the arks of the future and they manage their captive populations through a breeding program called the Species Survival Plan or (SSP.) They only breed animals that can be pedigreed back to the wild and keep a shared database so that they do not accidentally inbreed animals.

Most “roadside” zoos are not accredited by AZA and are not participants in the SSPs.  They tell you that they are “breeding for conservation,” but that is a lie.  The only reason they breed big cats is because people will pay to see big cats.  Even most AZA zoos only make token donations to protecting exotic cats in the wild and almost none of the non-accredited zoos send any of the money they make to protecting habitat.

No one keeps track of how many big cats are in these private facilities.  USDA did a one-time census in 2004 and discovered that there were around 5,000 tigers in places that either exhibit or breed them, but only 200 of those are AZA zoos and less than a dozen were accredited sanctuaries.  Even AZA zoos have been caught selling last year’s babies out the back door to brokers who sell them as pets and props. Sometimes they even end up in canned hunts or being sold on the black market for their teeth, claws, bones, hides and meat.

The only way to be sure you aren’t adding to the abuse is to just Say NO to zoos.

Even though this image and the horrible video below were not filmed in the U.S., it is typical of the miserable life led by captive big cats in non accredited zoos and pseudo sanctuaries.  What most people do not ever see are the night houses and off exhibit cages where big cats are kept.  Almost all zoos confine the big cats to night houses when visiting hours at the zoo are over.  This means the cats spend most of their waking hours confined to small concrete indoor cells.  They are often treated as badly as what you will see below, but because it is only the cat and the perpetrator, the world never sees the abuse.

Want to DO Something About It?

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We think zoos should convert their facilities into immersive, educational virtual reality and augmented reality experiences.  Find out more about the world’s first and second AR zoos.

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10 responses to “Zoos”

  1. Tia says:

    So basically what this is saying is that you shouldn’t go to zoos, no matter what?

  2. Kye says:

    In most AZA zoos the animals live better than millions of people world wide…

  3. Feathertail6345 says:

    In grade 6, I went on a school trip to “Zoo School” and they said that thing about breeding but now I feel really bad!!! I didn’t know they were lying!! 🙁 How could they??

    • Feathertail6345 says:

      K..i know that’s not what it means. It means roadside zoos. The Zoo school was to educate children about the endangered animals etc.
      😛 Someone was using my account when they read this

  4. Helen C Rotolo says:

    The last visit to a zoo that I made really showed how little room two elephants had lived in for 30 yrs. Now, that there are are 5 elephants there is more room, but in my humble opinion nothing could ever be good enough unless they were back to living in the wild.

  5. Helen C Rotolo says:

    I can remember as a little girl crying whenever I saw an animal that was caged in a zoo, parks or at a gas station of all things. If I knew, it was wrong. If I know that, I know in my heart that animals know as well.

  6. Helen C Rotolo says:

    The one hope that I have dreamed of was when the planet of the apes came out. It was retaliatory, but, I couldn't help myself.

  7. me gustaría trabajar con los leones.

  8. If you love animals, then please help the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization provide the necessary food and medical supplies to the over 10,000 animals they are working to rescue that are in dire straits right now because of the turmoil in Ukraine. Zoo funding was cut off over night by the Ukrainian government, abandoning these unfortunate animals to starve. LAEO is the only organization that immediately stepped up and has been working tirelessly to ensure these animals survive. In just the past three weeks they started raising money for this and have already delivered over 13 tons of food. But they are just staying ahead of the crisis by a few days. They need to get four months worth of food secured so they can then start working with the zoo officials to implement new ways of funding so the zoos don’t end up in this situation again. You can help them by donating at: https://www.causes.com/actions/1769110-donate-to-earth-organization

  9. kiki says:

    you know, that some zoos are good? some zoo’s are public animal rescues and help endangered animals and hurt, sick such as the west palm beach public zoo/ animal rescue they don’t just kidnap them from there home the save them, but then again there are just zoo’s that kidnap animals just for money.

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