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Happy New Year faithful big cat supporters! A new year means a new chance to begin again with our mission to support the cause of the abandoned, abused and exploited, as well as pursue changing minds and laws. Summon up all your energy along side of us and together we can make progress yet again this year. Please read on for the latest at the sanctuary and also enjoy our slideshow reflection on 2005.

Carole Baskin, Founder



Year 2005 in a Flash

As we look ahead to 2006, we have so much that we want to accomplish, but we would first like to give you a comprehensive recap of 2005. It’s really a reflective time and source of deep satisfaction to look back and see the list of goals we have attained and lessons learned. We are not perfect but please allow us to show you what we are proud of and what our status is at this point. We have of course listed all the pertinent information but what we think you will enjoy even more, is a creative and informative slideshow that highlights the year.You will literally see 2005 flash before your eyes!

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Cougar Cub Update

mountain lion cub

As you may know, we have taken on the huge reponsibility of rescuing and raising 3 cougar cubs who lost their mother to a hunter. With the proactiveness of Scott Lope, our manager, and many concerned supporters including Southwest Airlines, we were able to bring the cubs to Big Cat Rescue to not just live their lives here, but to be “spokecats” for the plight of the many other adults and cubs who either lose their lives to hunting or are exploited in many other ways. You may ask, why these cubs? Well, the dire situation certainly played a role, but there is more at stake than the satisfaction of seeing cute cubs find a home. They will live on and allow us to present their case as well as other cats’ to the public in a way that we have never before. We hold this responsibility with high regard, and are determined to turn the tragedy they suffered into good for many more than we can rescue, by voicing their story.

So, how are they doing? Very well at 3 months now. We have spayed and neutered them as to not allow any breeding. You could liken them to toddlers learning to walk and run and being in awe at experiencing their first freedoms. They especially love being let out to play in a cat-a-tat twice a day. They bound around and stalk everything, and are truly thriving. They seem to have a fearless joy about them. Due to all their activity and growth, they are getting lankier and we have even heard they try their changing vocal chords with a mountain lion scream, only to end up scaring themselves. Stay tuned as we update you further down the road. If you would like to help us offset the unexpected costs of taking on these cubs, we welcome that assistance very much. See more photos of the cubs and a year in photos of Big Cat Rescue in action by clicking below.

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Extreme Makeover

Julie Hanan is one of our most artistic volunteers. Her background in design has turned our bed in breakfast cabins into a sight to behold. She used her talents to hand-paint tiger stripes on our entire bed and breakfast building. Her goal was to not only enhance our image but also create more exposure for us through “talk value” and people taking pictures in front of it.

She had her work cut out for her but luckily, there were quite a few volunteers, organizations, and interns who pitched in to help with finishing the base coating. Julie worked on this for several long months but told us that, ” it was a labor of love because everyone who ventures out there to see the Bed and Breakfast now thinks it’s so cute and definitely memorable.”

Come out for a tour or book a cabin to see this incredibly artistic display. In the meantime, click below to read more and see the slideshow.

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Cats & Candidates Event

Meet the Big Cats of the Animal Kingdom and the Big Cats of the Political Arena at this Kid’s Day Valentine Celebration at Big Cat Rescue.  On Saturday February 11, 2006 from 10 till 1 Big Cat Rescue will host an open house to introduce families to local politicians who are running for office.  Instead of our regular tour times, we will have tours departing every few minutes throughout the day, so you can come when it is convenient for you.

Kids will get to collect free Valentine’s Day cards (like the ones pictured here) from each of the political candidates on their tour through the sanctuary that is home to more than 150 big cats.  The cost per person is only $10.00 for this special event and the proceeds will be used to promote better laws to protect the animals by backing animal friendly candidates.

Because Big Cat Rescue cannot endorse any particular candidate for office we can’t tell you who we are voting for, so you will have to decide who the most animal friendly candidates are for yourself.  This event is being sponsored by a private donor for Humane USA the nation’s largest political action committee for animals.

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Big Cats Take Over Borders Bookstore!

Barbara Frank and Julie Hanan at Borders

You might say that we literally “wrapped up 2005” at Borders Bookstore. We were thrilled to be chosen by Borders Bookstore to be the charity of choice for 11 days of wrapping gifts for customers. It was a notable success with faithful volunteers participating, and many customers being served and ultimately exposed to our Big Cat Rescue mission. Julie Hanan, event coordinator said, “We had the opportunity to speak with over 2000 people about our mission in a casual, fun atmosphere. These were not just animal lovers, our typical audience. These were people from every walk of life. Besides wanting to come visit the sanctuary, many even expressed an interest in volunteering for us.” We raised more than $3000.00 wrapping gifts. This event will benefit the cats substantially. We hope to be asked again. Thank you Borders, volunteers, and all of you in the community!

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Feline Fun Fact

So, what makes a cat purr? Cats use extra tissue in the larynx (voice box). This tissue vibrates when they purr. So, they are a bit of a musical instrument of sorts. The purr is thought to be very soothing and healing at times and may be due to its low tone resonating. Fauna Communications and ENDEVCO initiated a novel research study that recorded the purrs of five species of cats – cheetah, puma, serval, ocelot and the domestic cat. This research has contributed valuable information that may solve the mystery behind the cat’s purr.

It is commonly believed that cats purr when content. However, cats also purr when they are severely injured, frightened or giving birth. Could the purr in any way link to the fact that vibrational stimulation not only relieves suffering in 82% of persons suffering from acute and chronic pain but also generates new tissue growth, augments wound tissue strength, improves local circulation and oxygenation, reduces swelling and/or inhibits bacterial growth?

If you are interested in reading more, please do. This research is not necessarily our collective philosophy, research or opinion, but we bring you this fun fact as something of interest and worth investigating.

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