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July is a time to celebrate our country and the great freedoms it affords us. However, we are keenly aware that our big cats are not granted the same voices or choices that their wild counterparts are. In fact, it’s peoples’ very freedom of choice that puts them at risk. But, we are hard at work to enhance the quality of life of our own big cats, and to protect those who are still in danger of exploitation. You are a tremendous help in this area. We have a packed newsletter to bring you. Don’t miss a word!


Carole Baskin, Founder


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Sand Cat TV Stars

Sand CatOur Sand Cat Video made it to #1 on current TV website. When a pod cast makes it to #1, they get aired on television.  You can check out and type “sand cats” to check it out and find out what channel to find current tv on in your area. We need your help to get more people to view and vote for our videos on current due to the constant exposure it could bring. We post pods weekly on our You Tube channel as well.

The Sand Cat is one of our smallest residents as well as a very elusive feline that not a lot of people have ever seen in the wild or in captivity. Not a lot is known about this feline whose population is going down as the human population in the desert areas rise. The Sand Cat is one of our favorites and hopefully will be one of yours as well. Our videos are educational and also clever. Hopefully this video will inspire you to support feline conservation efforts around the globe.

Take a peek HERE

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Tiger Parts for Sale

Tiger EyesTiger parts for sale! Get your tiger parts here! Well, they may not be shouting this ugly truth in the streets so blatantly, but they might as well be, because it’s the reality of what’s going on behind closed gates. Our most pressing legislative action this month is to protect China’s tigers.  They are being bred like farm animals and sold for their coveted parts for mystical health remedies and status. This is a majestic creature not intended for consumption and exploitation in this way. Big Cat Rescue was just asked by the U.S. State Department to help protect the last 35 remaining Amur Leopards in Russia.  More details will be coming soon, but one of the threats to the Amur Leopard is that it is cheaper for poachers to kill wild tigers and leopards for their parts than to farm them.  If China allows the trade in tiger parts the wild populations are doomed because a bullet costs $1.00 compared to thousands of dollars in the cost of raising these animals for a legal trade.  Won’t you let your voice be heard?

Sign Petition Now

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Vote us the Best of the Best

There is a contest pending in Tampa Bay’s “Parenting Magazine” that we are convinced you could help us win.  Go to the link below and choose “Vote: Best Of” at the top of page to get to the online form. You can vote for us by adding our name in all the “cat”-egories that apply in their online form.  For instance, fill us in for “best area attraction” and “best kept secret” and “best children’s activity” etc. We are thrilled that the actual July magazine cover issue features Buc’s Quarterback, Chris Simms and is about his day at Big Cat Rescue with the kids from the Children’s Home.


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Hey Sugar, Coming to the Fur Ball?

Chocolate Lion SculptureHow do you feel about sculpting sugary sweet tigers or creative chocolate cougar confections? If this is a walk in the park for you with your artisan skills and also excites you…then you may be the King of Feasts we are seeking. We’re calling all confectioners to submit a design for your wildest big cat themed dessert. You may be chosen as one of 10 finalists to showcase your edible art at the Fur Ball. Click below for full details.This year’s Fur Ball will be like no other. With FOX 13’s Cynthia Smoot as celebrity emcee and renowned actress and animal advocate Bo Derek attending to receive the first Big Cat Rescue “Wildlife Guardian Angel” award. Check out the benefits of being an early bird ticket purchaser at

Confectioner’s Contest Details HERE

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TJ and Bella

You will remember us telling you about the 4 tigers we rescued last month. It was quite an ordeal and no small feat. But, we are pleased to report that all are doing well. As far as progress goes: Bella has been fixed, TJ is scheduled to be neutered soon, and they are now on the tour path for you to meet. What better time to take a tour, hear their story, and welcome them to their new home?

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 Local Heroes

Kitten RescuersTeenager Christopher Fontaine may very well have risked his life going down a drain to rescue a couple of kittens. The Fontaine family spent more than five hours one recent Sunday and early Monday working to rescue the kittens. It all started when Michael Fontaine, 13, heard a kitten crying from inside a pipe near their home near Lowry Park Zoo. His mother, Cynthia, said that after Hillsborough County Animal Services was unable to save the kittens, the family continued the rescue operation. For Michael, the effort was worth it. “How would you feel if you were down in a sewage drain, trapped and starving?” asked Michael.

We were incredibly impressed here at Big Cat Rescue, that they stood up and did the right thing, against all odds. We think their compassion should be an example to everyone. We also thought they’d get a kick out of seeing that we do the same thing – on a daily basis, having to jump many hurdles to rescue the big cats that have come to us. We were thrilled when the boys accepted our invitation to come out for a tour and special recognition from us to thank them on behalf of all the community. The kittens are fine and the boys decided to keep them due to their dramatic bonding. Thank you Michael and Christopher. You are our kind of heroes and we honor you for your courage, compassion and respect for animals.

 Kids 4 Cats

IDS Students Demonstrate Kid Power

The students attending Independent Day School are living proof that kids can do ANYTHING when they set their minds to it!  For the love of animals, these students got creative and worked very hard to raise money they could donate to Big Cat Rescue.  For the second year in a row, they weren’t satisfied with donating the usual amount for a tour of the sanctuary.  Instead they participated in fund raising activities that resulted in an unbelievable donation of $1,339.  Their generous donation goes directly to the care and feeding of the cats that call Big Cat Rescue their home.  On behalf of the cats, we want to send out a BIG CAT THANK YOU to the amazing students at Independent Day School!

 Tank Up

Tank Top Cats Click to See LargerThese new tank tops are new, cute and fresh off the printing press. Show your style and Big Cat Rescue pride with a spunky summer tank top featuring either Nairobi the Serval or Anasazi the Bobcat on it. Order yours today and wear it on a tour to stay cool!

Specify Serval (pink) or Bobcat (blue) and S, M or L size in the notes section of PayPal.  $20.00 includes shipping and handling.  If you don’t want to use PayPal, or a Credit Card online, mail a check with your preference of style and size to Big Cat Rescue 12802 Easy St. Tampa, FL 33625

Order Your Tank Top HERE

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 Feline Fact

Patriotic CatPatriotic Cats:

During the Vietnam conflict, the U. S. Army enlisted the help of cats to serve as “night vision” for soldiers. The harnessed cats were quite capable of the task at hand, but most ignored the orders (as cats typically do) and led the way to mice and birds. The idea was soon crated.


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