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Happy Holidays from Big Cat Rescue!


Get wild with the 2013 Big Cat Rescue Calendar. Features lions, tigers, leopards, and more. Standard size. This item is in stock and ready to ship!


Free Big Cat Holiday Fun Stuff


Visit our Big Cat Fun website that has free Holiday games, crafts and goodies for your family to enjoy.

At the top of that page you will find links to our thousands of FREE big cat themed e cards too!


Great American Teach In


The Great American Teach-In took place on November 14 & 15, 2012. This is a great event in which people from all different types of professions visit schools to teach the students about what they do. This year, Big Cat Rescue attended a record 29 schools for the Great American Teach-In! We went to elementary, middle, and high schools all around the Tampa Bay area, and had a grrrr-eat time! Thank you to the Big Cat Rescue volunteer teachers who shared the magic of BCR with the kids.


Dr Michael Peak the Pet Dentist of Tampa Bay Treats Tigers


Dr Michael Peak, who is known as THE Pet Dentist in Tampabay, came to complete the root canals Big Cat Rescue started a long time ago on Andre Tiger and to do two root canals on his brother, Arthur Tiger.

See some great photos and find out who helped and more here:




Canyon Sandcat Gets Sand & Goes to the Vet



Canyon Sandcat was reported to have an ingrown nail and was limping so he went in for an exam by Dr Wynn. Turned out that it’s nothing big, just a little stiff in left arm, so he is on pain killers and anti inflammatory meds for a few days.  Meanwhile he can chill on his new beach.


51 Million Views and Soaring!


Thanks to a partnership with that our videographer, Chris Poole, suggested we pursue, Big Cat Rescue is being promoted by Discovery and Animal Planet. This should really boost our exposure and it gives us the right to use Discovery’s huge vault of video in our production and an enormous music library as well for our videos.  If you loved our videos before, just imagine what it would be like to have every week be Big Cat Week!

Big Cat Rescue will be posting a new video every week, so if you are not a subscriber, please be sure to go to the link and Subscribe now so that you never miss an episode. 

Big Cat Rescue is sharing this wonderful opportunity with sanctuaries that are accredited by the Global Federation of Animal sanctuaries by sending our videographer to film their great work and turn it into memorable videos they can use to promote themselves and that we will share with our supporters.


Do you Buy Pet Food, Treats or Toys?


Chewy LogoIf you do there is a way to order online and benefit Big Cat Rescue at the same time:



Top 5 Most Shocking Incidents of Big Cat Exploitation


We hope by sharing a new list with you each month that you will join us in speaking out for the big cats and cubs that are exploited across this country every day. We encourage you to take one small action today and reach out via phone or email to contact the offenders listed below and politely express your concern. Together we can be the voice for the voiceless…together we can make a difference. Please join us in our mission of Caring for Cats & Ending the Trade.



No. 1 CORRECTION ON EMAIL ADDRESS Last month we told you about Discovery United Methodist Church (Richmond, Virginia) and the church’s pastor Jim Lavender, who owns more than two dozen exotic animals, including a lion and a white tiger. He uses big cats as part of his ministry and travels with them around the country, sending the WRONG message that big cats are his to use however he wants. Unfortunately,
Phone: (804) 360-4442, ext 31. Email: drjim7772003@yahoo.comwe listed an incorrect email address for Lavender. Please email him and let him know big cats should not be exploited as entertainment or used as props for his ministry.


No. 2 The Today Show, which airs nationally each morning on NBC, has once again promoted baby big cats on its program. Repeatedly exhibiting cubs on the show sends the completely wrong message – that they are cute and cuddly and make good pets. In the case of this most recent appearance on December 7th, we believe the cubs come from a breeder with a long history of numerous USDA violations. Please speak up for the cubs and let the Today Show know you do NOT want to see cubs or big cats on their program ever again. Contact them at:


No. 3 Believe it or not, Pope Benedict XVI (Vatican City) was photographed petting a lion cub on December 1 in Vatican City when a circus came to town for a papal performance. The photo of the cub that appeared in the National Post clearly shows the cub’s nose is badly scarred and missing fur. This is an easily detectable sign that the cub is not being treated humanely by its owner. Kindly help us educate the Pope that his seemingly innocent action of touching this lion cub may just be a fleeting moment to the Pope but is likely to be a lifetime of abuse and inhumane treatment for the cub. Phone: +390669881022. Email:


No. 4 Xtreme Entertainment Party Rentals (Orlando, Florida) offers a wide range of party rentals, including their “Large Exotic Animal Encounter” package where people can “rent” a lion, tiger, panther or other exotic animals for events and parties. They also offer an “Exotic Animal Show.” The company’s website states “our vendor is a reputable animal owner” and the rentals are great for “schools, churches and corporate events.” Please let Xtreme know the public does not condone people using exotic cats as entertainment and profiting from their misery. Phone: (407) 284-1635. Contact them:


No. 5  Update 12/19/12 Thanks to YOU, AJA Channelside has agreed not to have live wild animals at any of their clubs!  Yay!  Back in September AJA Channelside had live tigers in tiny circus wagons for drunken patrons to torment in their bar.  The tigers were provided by this animal exploiter Vernon Yates


If you hear about exotic cats or cubs being exploited in your area, please contact Susan Bass at As always you can keep up with the latest action alerts at Thank you!


Happy Holidays Singing Tiger



Thanks Jack at for making this cute video for us to share with our wonderful supporters.



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