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A Lasting Valentine’s Gift for a unique Valentine’s gift that will leave a lasting impression? Look no further. A personalized laser engraved brick is a special way to show that special someone, just how special they really are. These bricks are permanently installed at the front entrance of the sanctuary and will be seen by thousands of visitors every month!


Choose from two sizes; 8×8” with up to 5 lines of text and 4×8” with up to 3 lines of text. Special heart symbols also available, please inquire at time of purchase.



How to Rescue a Big Cat


Ever wonder what is involved each time Big Cat Rescue commits to taking in a big cat? There is quite a lot more to consider than you may think. We don’t just hop in the big cat van, hit the road, and pick up the cat. A rescue usually takes several weeks of meticulous planning in addition to meshing the schedules of all of the parties involved.


About once a month some film producer calls me and makes some variation on this pitch:

“We want to find cases where we can bust down the door, like Dog The Bounty Hunter, and save these animals from their current situations. We’d like to find enough cases to sustain several episodes.”


RescueServals-carriersinvanIt just doesn’t work that way…


Our response is typically:

“The only time animals can be seized by USDA is usually at the end of a 6+ year long legal process. States have a patchwork of rules and in 30 years of rescuing exotic cats, there has not been a single time when there was a “bust down the door like Dog The Bounty Hunter” moment. It just doesn’t happen. The state processes are like those of the federal government and require years of court battles before the person eventually gives the animal up.

Even then, they usually won’t allow cameras and when they do, it is not an explosive situation, if the person rescuing the animals has any concern for the animals. The best way to move any exotic animal is through patience, quiet and working with the existing owner to make the transition go as smoothly as possible.

Rescue photo of Mountain Lion
Rescue photo of Mountain Lion. Photo is NOT at Big Cat Rescue!

The only accredited sanctuaries are listed at Any place else you send a wild animal could very well end up in trouble again not too far down the line. That wouldn’t reflect very well on you. Accredited sanctuaries do not buy, breed, sell, allow public contact nor take animals off site for exhibition. People who run accredited sanctuaries aren’t going to act reckless on film and do things that would jeopardize the animal or public’s safety.

Good luck with your project though because it can only help for people to see what happens to all of the cute little cubs when they are no longer cute…and profitable.”


For a detailed explanation of what really goes in to rescueing a big cat, check out this page:



Full Sail University Students Spruce Up Vacation Rotation Enclosure


Volunteers from Full Sail 2013


We would like to send out a roaring thanks of gratitude to dozens of Full Sail University students who recently visited the sanctuary for a grand scale work project. The team spent countless hours landscaping the entire grounds on which the new Vacation Rotation Enclosure will be constructed. Their spirit was enthusiastic and their efforts transformed this area into a purr-fectly manicured oasis!



Gerrard Larriett Partners with Charles the Monarch to Support Big Cat Rescue


New York, NY: Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care announces their partnership with Charles the Monarch to raise funds for Big Cat Rescue. The partnership aims to raise $10,000 for Big Cat Rescue by donating 10% of the proceeds from the sale of Gerrard Larriett products. In addition, customers will receive 25% off of the purchase of Gerrard Larriett grooming products from their website with promo code “Charles.”


“We were very excited to be partnering together with our wonderful friends at Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care, Charles Painter and the now world renown Charles the Monarch,” said Jeff Kremer, Big Cat Rescue’s Director of Donor Appreciation. “The sanctuary envisions a world where the animals we share it with are treated with compassion and respect and it is only by working “hand in hand” with like-minded friends that Big Cat Rescue is able to continue to make a positive difference in both the animal as well as human world we share”.


Charles the Monarch


Charles the Monarch is the now world-famous dog, whose owner Charles Painter had him groomed to resemble the Old Dominion University mascot, a lion. The Labrador-poodle mix recently made headlines when several people in his home town of Norfolk, Virginia mistook him for an actual lion resulting in numerous 911 calls.


Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care is an in home spa experience for pets that therapeutically tackles the odors that come along with pet ownership. The line includes pet shampoo and pet conditioner, pet freshening and shining spray and handmade deodorizing soy candles for the home. The scents have been personally chosen and each grooming product is designed to be adored by even the most demanding cat, dog or pet parent. Larriett explains, “The collection is presented as an array of top quality fragrances that span pet shampoo & conditioner, pet freshening and shining spray and handmade deodorizing soy candles for the home. Now your pet and you can share a soothing aromatherapy experience with each bath, touch-up spray or candle burn.”



Enclosure Addition for Armani and Jade the Leopards


Leopards-Armani Jade

Armani and Jade the leopards now have more space to explore and play. Their enclosure was connected to a neighboring enclosure nearly doubling their space. The two eagerly awaited the completion of the connecting tunnel. Once finished, the doors were opened, and Armani and Jade immediately ventured through the tunnel to check out their new home addition!



Hiring the Dream Team We Didn’t Think We Could Afford


Thanks to the top notch team at Zerve, Big Cat Rescue’s tour revenue is expected to soar! After a very impressive demonstration by a Zerve representative we were hooked. All of our specialty tours including the Feeding Tour, Keeper Tour, Night Tour, and Private Tour are now booked through Zerve. You can get info about these tours and book them online or by calling our new reservation phone number which is routed right to Zerve operators. Call are answered promptly between 8 AM and midnight, 7 days a week. In just the first week of utilizing Zerve’s service more than 200 tickets for our specialty tours have been sold! Read more about the Dream Team here:



Big Cat Valentine Fun



Valentine’s Day at Big Cat Rescue… Our volunteers LOVE the tigers, lions, leopards and all the other residents at the sanctuary, so what better way to show their love than to make tasty “feline flowers” for the big cats! 🙂



Valentines Gifts and Big Cat Fun


Visit for lots of wild Valentine’s Day big cat gifts! Gift shop purchases help fund the care of the cats at Big Cat Rescue.

Valentine Ecards

Visit for tons of free Valentine’s Day eCards, Valentine’s Day games, coloring pages and more!


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