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Safari Days at Big Cat Rescue

ticketsDear Big Cat Rescuer,

If you loved the March for Lions event last year, you will really love Safari Days!  Once a year we will host a reduced price day for all ages where you can come and get an overview of the sanctuary.  The money from these events will be donated to protecting exotic cats in the wild…where they belong!  We sold out quickly last year so be sure to get your tickets now for Sunday, Father’s Day June 21, 2015 from noon till 3PM.  Tickets are $10 per person, and a paid person can bring their father for free.

Get your tickets now!


What’s in Your Closet…or Garage…or Yard?

Some Grrrreat Videos Since Last Month

Sad Goodbye to Four Beloved Cats

Since the last AdvoCat newsletter went out we have had to say a sorrowful goodbye to four of our beloved feline family members.  Alexander Bobcat age 21, Natasha the Siberian Lynx age 21, Reno the Leopard age 20, and Cybil Serval age 19. Click on the links to read their stories and tributes.

Blood of the Tiger

blood-of-the-tiger-millsReview by Big Cat Rescue’s Howard Baskin:

“This is the best nonfiction book I have ever read – could not put it down. The fact that Mills spend decades working at all levels of the effort to save the tiger from going extinct – from the highest levels of diplomacy to on the ground undercover investigation – and can give us the REAL story of what goes on behind the scenes and the politics that can so impair the effectiveness of the efforts gives us an insight we cannot get from any other source. The private conversations and meetings she was privy to takes us deep into truly understanding what is happening in the efforts of the West and India and many other countries to keep the tiger from going extinct in the wild, and the long term strategy of patience and deception employed by China to thwart these efforts. It also reveals the way the rampant breeding of tigers kept in horrible conditions in the US impairs the credibilty of our State Department in its efforts to urge banning the international trade in tiger parts that is driving the poaching that has decimated the tiger population. A must read for anyone who cares about the impending extinction of one of the earth’s most majestic animals.” –Howard Baskin

What other professionals say about the Blood of the Tiger:

“What an extraordinary, must-read book for anyone interested in international wildlife policy! From her seat at the center of it all, J. A. Mills has pulled back the curtain on the global effort to save the tiger and in doing so has given the world a primer for any effort to save the world’s iconic species: tigers, elephants, rhinos, whales, and more. Endangered species need accountability. Blood of the Tiger makes those who got us here accountable.”
—Bryan Christy, director of special investigations at National Geographic and author of The Lizard King

“Personal, engaging, shocking, informative. J. A. Mills exposes the dark secrets of the tiger trade and bares her soul, her passion, and her determination to bring about change. I believe there is still hope for wild tigers. Blood of the Tiger is real and raw, intelligent and compelling, and in the final analysis, a story that must not be ignored.”
—Will Travers, OBE, president of the Born Free Foundation

Get it in print, digital or audio book form here:

Meet Some Paw-some Volunteers

If you like unique tattoos, check out Matt’s cats here:

Tigers 4 Tigers Awareness Marathon

Tigers for Tigers is a national coalition that represents students of schools with tiger mascots. There are 56 United States university tiger mascots – that’s 450,000 students being represented! The organization formed at Clemson University in South Carolina in April 2013 and has since grown to include schools all across the nation. Carole Baskin spoke at this event alongside the late, great, Ron Tilson.


Big Cat Rescue’s Legislative Intern, J.J. will be representing us at the Clemson Chapter in South Carolina 5K Run for the Tiger on Saturday April 11th. It’s an annual event they have for Big Cat welfare and awareness and we will be providing tees for the winners.  Photo above is for another marathon run by RIT Tigers4Tigers.  Connect with Tigers4Tigers.

Mickey Cougar Surgery Update

Mickey-Cougar-ACL-2015-1When we rescued Mickey the cougar, he could barely walk because the ACLs in both back knees were torn and had been left untreated for over a year.  He was also literally starving to death and in no shape to be sedated for hours of surgery.  We stabilized him and had the first surgery done last year and then he needed several months to heal and regain the muscle in his legs, before we could attempt the second surgery.  Read about that most recent surgery and see how Mickey is doing here:

Give Day Tampa Bay

Give Day Tampa Bay is a contest where thousands of dollars in prizes are awarded based on how many donors participate and how many dollars are raised on that day, May 5. Thanks to all of you, last year Big Cat Rescue won $22,000 in prizes, more than any other nonprofit, including some much larger ones.

Because many of the prizes are based on how many donors participate, even small donations are a huge help. This year we will be competing again on May 5 for just 24 hours of fundraising and we are hoping with your help to triumph again. Of course, we will be promoting this on Facebook the day before and that day. But a great way to be sure to participate is to sign up online in advance and make a pledge and the organizers will send an email reminding you.

The site to do that is : To donate by check your check MUST be dated May 5, 2015 and received by us before May 5th. Thanks for making us the overall winner last year and for you support this year to do it again!

Animal Care Expo 2015

Join 2,000 animal care experts, and meet our Director of Outreach, Jennifer Leon, to learn new skills and strategies to find pets homes, keep pets in homes, engage your community, humanely manage cat populations, and more. Expo 2015 is sure to be extra special as we reflect on the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the continuing efforts to make disaster preparedness for animals a key priority. Get ready to recharge your passion for saving animals!

March 30-April 2, 2015
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
New Orleans, Louisiana

Read updates about Animal Care Expo Part I and Animal Care Expo Part II

Reminder of New Tour Times

Big Cat Rescue is making major changes to better focus our energy on saving the most big cats possible.  This includes huge changes to our Education Program and Tours, so check out the new tour times and prices here:  Our goal is to end the trade in exotic cats as pets, props and for their parts.  These changes will help us reach that goal along with your continued support.


Please share this AdvoCat newsletter with your friends and family.  Thank you from Carole and the Cats!

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