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AdvoCat News for April 2015

Saving big cats from Mexican circus life!

Thanks to the efforts of donors, Vanessa and her husband Omar, Carole Baskin, CEO of Big Cat Rescue, Antonio Franyuti, Founder of Animal Heroes, and Lourdes Lopes, Federal Deputy for the Green Party PVEM, entered into a Declaration that we would work together find and build sanctuaries to care for the big cats who have been banned from being used in public exhibition.


Find out all about it here:


Jumpstart Your Generosity

iDonateCarYour car donation could do BIG things!  Big Cat Rescue is now able to accept noncash donations, including vehicles. We are hopeful that donated vehicles will help us make a difference as we end the trade in big cats. Car donations have an average value of over $1,600! That type of donation can make a BIG impact.  Check it out at:



Wildcat Walkabout

Wildcat WalkaboutJoin us on Father’s Day (Sunday June 21, 2015 from noon till 3) as we open the doors to our sanctuary for an afternoon of good food and up close views of our furriest friends.  This is a once a year chance to just wander through the sanctuary at your own pace spending as much time as you like at each enclosure for up to three hours for only $10/person (father’s accompanied by a family member get in free).  Proceeds of the day will go to support projects proven to help preserve lions in Africa from extinction.  Get tickets at:


Help Big Cat Rescue Win!

Give Day Tampa Bay AnimalsThinking of donating to Big Cat Rescue? If you donate $25 or more on May 5 (between 12:00 a.m. and 11:59 p.m.), your much-appreciated donation could help us win HUGE cash prizes – between $5,000 and $12,500 – during the second annual Give Day Tampa Bay fundraising event!!  Even if you can’t donate, please share our posts that day to help.  Make your tax-deductible gift to Big Cat Rescue by credit or debit card here:


Who Are You?

Who Are YouIf we have your contact info wrong, then we can’t send you the right messages for your area when you can help save big cats.  Please make sure to use your correct address when responding to alerts so that we only send you the ones you can take action on.



Goodbyes to Our Good Friends

bobcats CherokeeThe saddest part of our work is all of the animals we cannot save and saying goodbye at the end of the lives of those we have.  Click on their names to read about their lives and their tributes.

Cherokee Bobcat

Sierra Bobcat

Serengeti Serval


Top Shocking Incidents of Big Cat Exploitation – April 2015


We hope by sharing a new list with you each month that you will join us in speaking out for the big cats and cubs that are exploited across this country every day. We encourage you to take one small action today and contact one or more of the offenders below to politely express your concern. Together we can be the voice for the voiceless…together we can make a difference. If you learn of exotic cats or cubs being exploited in your area, please contact Susan Bass at

Cubs Abused at Colossalcon
No 1. Once again the annual anime convention called Colossalcon at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio will exploit tiger and lion cubs. Event organizers are charging attendees $175 for a “shared 30-minute hands-on session with a baby cat.”  The sessions have already sold out.
How many exhausted cubs will be handled, deprived of sleep and gawked at during the 4-day event? How many will get sick?  How many will cry out for the mothers they were torn away from?
Can we count on you to speak up for these cubs? Click here to fill out our easy, pre-written email to Colossalcon organizers and the Kalahari Resort:


Top 5 Abuse Shaq

No. 2 Former NBA star Shaquille O’Neil (pictured above) recently posted pictures of himself holding tiger cubs on his Facebook page. It is always disappointing to see captive cubs being exploited as entertainment, but even more so when the person holding the cubs is famous and has millions of fans watching his or her every move.

Please politely comment on his Facebook page to let Shaq know there are also millions of big cat lovers who don’t want to see this:
Top5KateWalshNo. 3 We were so disappointed to see actress Kate Walsh, who has even attended our Fur Ball in the past, plastering pictures all over her Facebook page lately holding lion and tiger cubs. What happened, Kate? Please politely comment on Walsh’s Facebook page that it is irresponsible to inhumane to pose for pictures with big cat cubs.
Want to learn more about what we believe this is cruel and abusive? Read more here:

Post comments here:


Using baby bottle to dominate tigerNo 4.  The Hult Center in Eugene, Oregon will be hosting a magic act that features and exploits tigers. The center’s Facebook page (photo above) claims that a portion of the VIP tickets sold goes toward big cat conservation. Several people have commented on the Center’s Facebook page educating the Center about the abuse and exploitation of tigers used in entertainment acts. The Center responded that they “will be reviewing our practices around booking shows with live animal” and asking for feedback.

Please email Hult Center and give polite feedback that you would like to see them institute a “no live animals policy at their facility.” Contact Hult Center at

Comment on their Facebook page:
No 5. Last week the Kings County News (Canada) published a puff piece about a local roadside zoo called Oaklawn Farm Zoo reopening for the summer. Reporter Ashley Thompson gushed about the owners’ love for their animals and their captive breeding of lion cubs. She even writes about “last year’s lion cub Obi.” Please help us politely educate Thompson that these wild cats should not be bred and exhibited for public entertainment.

Read the article here:

Contact Ashley Thompson at



Thank you for reading about the cats.  Please share this page with your family and friends.

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