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The May AdvoCat Mewsletter

Joseph Lion Joker

By the time you get the next AdvoCat Newsletter we hope to be able to announce that the Big Cats and Public Safety Act has been reintroduced.  This bill will ban the private possession of big cats and end 99% of the suffering.  People who have these animals will be allowed to keep them, but they cannot buy or breed more.  As soon as our sponsor launches the bill we will be asking you to make this session of Congress the one that ends big cat abuse in captivity and thus will help save tigers from extinction in the wild.

When is the next big cat rescue?

A couple years, and a hundred big cats later, some pseudo sanctuaries realize that they can’t rescue their way out of the problem. A rescue brings in money up until the day the cat gets to the sanctuary. After that most donors and volunteers are usually looking for the next “feel good” event where they can rescue a big cat. This lack of planning for the long term quickly reaches a tipping point. The animals already rescued begin to go without vet care, regular meals, and their cage space is filled with more and more big cats, often causing injuries and death. Before long the pseudo sanctuary is calling around the country looking for someone to take all of their “rescues” off their hands. But there is no place for them to go.  Click Read More to find out what we are doing so that our cats have forever homes.  Read More

Wildcat Walk About and Commemorative Tee

Wildcat Walkabout TeeJoin us on Father’s Day (Sunday June 21, 2015 from noon till 3) as we open the doors to our sanctuary for an afternoon of good food and up close views of our furriest friends.  This is a once a year chance to just wander through the sanctuary at your own pace spending as much time as you like at each enclosure for up to three hours for only $10/person (father’s accompanied by a family member get in free).  Proceeds of the day will go to support projects proven to help preserve lions in Africa from extinction.  Get tickets now:  (We sell out every year)

Order commemorative tee here:

Some Grrrreat Videos Since Last Month

Got Assets?

donate stocksIn addition to money donations, we are now able to accept vehicle donations, jewelry, latest-model electronics and smartphones, gift cards, stock, and much more! The proceeds from your donations will go towards caring for the big cats we rescue, saving them from the abuse of captivity and saving them in the wild.


Goodbyes to Our Good Friends

Simba-Leopard_7487GoodbyeThe saddest part of our work is all of the animals we cannot save and saying goodbye at the end of the lives of those we have.  Click on their names to read about their lives and their tributes.

Simba Leopard age 20

Nico Geoffroy Cat age 22

Arizona Serval age 25

Top Shocking Incidents of Big Cat Exploitation – May 2015

We hope by sharing a new list with you each month that you will join us in speaking out for the big cats and cubs that are exploited across this country every day. We encourage you to take one small action today and contact one or more of the offenders below to politely express your concern. Together we can be the voice for the voiceless…together we can make a difference. If you learn of exotic cats or cubs being exploited in your area, please contact Susan Bass at

No. 1 Lions being hunted for trophies in Africa need your help! Ask Delta Airlines to join the growing list of international airlines that will no longer transport lion, tiger, elephant and rhino hunting trophies.

In just the last few weeks, both South Africa Airways (SAA) and Emirates SkyCargo have banned the transport of endangered wildlife on flights out of Africa. This is a huge breakthrough in the international effort to stop both the canned hunting of captive-bred lions and the illegal slaughter of wild big cats in Africa!

Now it is Delta Airline’s turn to ban the transport of wild animal trophies. Delta Airlines is a major carrier with direct routes from South Africa to the United States. Trophy hunters from the United States are a major contributor to the loss of our precious wild cats in Africa. Please add your name to the pre-written form here and ask Delta to follow suit and show compassion for the wild animals of Africa:


Lion used in the CBS television series Zoo.

Lion CBS The Zoo

No. 2 A new CBS television series will debut in June called Zoo. Real animals – including lions – were “rented” and used for most of the filming. Ironically, the premise of the show is about animals killing humans as revenge for the way we’ve treated them!

These days it is easy for television and movie productions to use computer-generated imagery (CGI) instead of real wild cats. Please email David Stapf, President of CBS Television Studios, and let him know that animal lovers do not want to see wild cats exploited in the name of entertainment. Tell him you will boycott the show until they replace the animals with CGI technology.

Email David Stapf at

Comment on the Zoo Facebook page here:

Kellen Lutz Lion Cub Abuse

No. 3 Actor Kellen Lutz recently posed with lion cubs and posted this picture on his Facebook page. He is at a facility in Mexico that boasts of not neutering the cats it has supposedly rescued and letting most live together. A TRUE rescue organization would never purposely allow wild cats to breed. Kellen probably didn’t realize what his actions were condoning. Please politely post a comment on his Facebook page.

Post on Kellen’s Facebook page:

Khloe Kardashian Tiger Cub Abuse

No. 4 Reality actress Khloe Kardashian posed with a tiger cub in Dubai yesterday and posted this picture on her Facebook page. Of course posing with a baby tiger will generate interest, but celebrities like Khloe usually don’t realize the harm they are doing by promoting the breeding and exploitation of captive cubs. Please comment on Khloe’s Facebook page that you don’t like this. Learn more about cub petting and photo schemes here:

Post on Khloe’s Facebook page:

Cubs Abused at Colossalcon

No. 5 Once again the annual June anime convention called Colossalcon at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio will exploit tiger and lion cubs. Event organizers are charging attendees $175 for a “shared 30-minute hands-on session with a baby cat.” The sessions have already sold out.

How many exhausted cubs will be handled, deprived of sleep and gawked at during the 4-day event? How many will get sick? How many will cry out for the mothers they were torn away from?

Can we count on you to speak up for these cubs? Click here to fill out our easy, pre-written email to Colossalcon organizers and the Kalahari Resort:

Check out the Big Cat Times

Here is a link to the quarterly print newsletter called the Big Cat Times where you can find more stories about the cats at the sanctuary and work we are doing to save them in the wild.

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