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The Internet was just made for sharing cat photos (and other animals).  Please help us fill our grid (and our cats’ bellies) by posting your beautiful photos for all the world to see.  Find out more at


Three Tigers and a Black Leopard Find Shelter


The news posted this story about the Kenny Hetrick / Tiger Ridge Cats being sent to sanctuaries pending the conclusion of the State of Ohio’s lawsuit against the owner for refusal to comply with state law.

The “cat is out of the bag” and everyone knows the three tigers (1 white and 2 golden) and one black leopard are living at Big Cat Rescue due to the court filings by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

Our contract with law enforcement usually prohibits us from talking about the cats in specifics, or posting any photos or videos of them during the litigation.  We can’t say much yet, but they are doing great.

Find out more about how we assist law enforcement here:

Be sure to wear blue this week to celebrate law enforcement!


Great News for Circus Cats!


Thanks to people like you, who take action to protect big cats, the largest supplier of wild animal acts calls it quits.  Shriner and head of “Fun Time Shows” Bill Cunningham joined forces with PETA to stop using wild animals at the Shrine Circus. Cunningham said the trailers that had been used to haul wild animals to shows will now emptied and covered in banners to advocate against the use of wild animals in performances.

More great news in September:  The Netherlands became the tenth country to officially ban the use of wild animals in the circus! The ban, which was drafted back in 2014, went into effect this week and includes big cats, elephants, giraffes, zebras, sea lions and primates.

Please help us put an end to big cats being held (and abused) in private possession here.  The Big Cat Public Safety Act has been reintroduced and needs your voice now:


Top Shocking Incidents of Big Cat Exploitation – September 2015

We hope by sharing a new list with you each month that you will join us in speaking out for the big cats and cubs that are exploited across this country every day. We encourage you to take one small action today and contact one or more of the offenders below to politely express your concern. Together we can be the voice for the voiceless…together we can make a difference. If you learn of exotic cats or cubs being exploited in your area, please contact Susan Bass at

UstadTigerNo. 1 Ustad, a wild tiger in India, needs your voice! Please add your ROAR to the global effort to return Ustad (T24) to the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve where he belongs!

Big Cat Rescue was contacted by a group of big cat advocates requesting our help to increase international awareness regarding the seemingly false accusation that a tiger named Ustad killed a local forest guide in the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve in May 2015.

Witnesses said it was a different tiger that attacked the forest guide, yet Ustad was subsequently seized and illegally moved to a zoo more than 250 miles away from the only home he has ever known. Secretly capturing a wild tiger and moving him to a glorified zoo is against all of India’s standard operating procedures. Locals believe the move was orchestrated for purely political reasons.

Even more concerning is that the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), which is responsible for wild animal conservation in India, was not informed of the capture and move, against all of the country’s normal protocols. NTCA sent a team to the tiger reserve following the death of the forest guide and determined that Ustad was not guilty, acted as a normal tiger, and should be returned to the wild instead of locked up and exhibited at a glorified zoo for the rest of his life.

Please let India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the NTCA know that the world is watching and wants Ustad to be returned to the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve where he belongs.

Suggested Wording for your Email:

I wish to add my voice to the global ROAR that T24 Ustad be freed from captivity and immediately returned to the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve where he belongs!

NTCA has already determined that Ustad is not guilty of the attack and death of the forest guide in Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve in May 2015. NTCA found that Ustad acted as a normal tiger and should be returned to the wild. Please do not sentence Ustad to a life locked up and on exhibit for the rest of his life. He is a wild tiger and should be allowed the dignity to live out the rest of his life in the wild. The world is watching.

Please send your email to each of these email addresses. THANK YOU FOR ROARING FOR USTAD!!


Please send your email to each of these email addresses. THANK YOU FOR ROARING FOR USTAD!!

Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) | Twitter

PMO India (@PMOIndia) | Twitter




No. 2 We are disgusted and heartbroken that Siegfried and Roy — longtime exploiters of big cats in Las Vegas — are exploiting and displaying 4 baby tiger cubs at the Mirage Hotel. The cubs are about 6 weeks old and were taken away from their mother at just 3 weeks old! The Mirage says the cubs will spend their entire lives on display there. How incredibly sad.

Please join us in politely letting the Mirage Hotel and its owner MGM Resorts International know animal lovers do NOT want to see captive big cats bred and used as entertainment in hotels! Please speak up for these cubs and do not patronize the Mirage Hotel or other MGM International properties. Send polite emails to:

Mirage VP of Operations Franz Kallao at

Mirage President and COO Trevor Scherrer at

Chairman and CEO of MGM Resorts Intl James Murren at

Read The Dodo article here:



No. 3 The Genesee County Fair in Michigan hosted the White Tiger Discovery exhibit last month. The exhibit also had tiny white tiger cubs that people could pay to hold. Please join us in educating the fair’s management about white tigers and cub petting schemes. Ask them to NOT have the tiger exhibit and cubs back again next year. Let them know animal lovers don’t want to see white tigers –which are not a species and not endangered but are the result of severe inbreeding — or any big cats at fairs. Learn more about these issues here:

White Tigers

Cub Handling

Contact the Genesee County Fair:


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Facebook Suggestions


We love Facebook because it enables us to connect with you quickly whenever their is a big cat emergency that needs your voice.  We are also frustrated that Facebook keeps changing things, and usually that means that you see fewer brands or companies in your feeds and more of other people’s baby pics.  If you want to be sure and see us when you log in, be sure to do the following:  Like our page and then click See First.  Note that you might not want to click Get Notifications because thousands of people comment on our posts each day and that might be more cat news than you want.  Just click See First so our posts show up in your news feed.

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Big Cat Rescue Speaks Out to Protect Florida Panthers


It is frustrating to deal with government agencies that are more interested in killing wild animals than protecting them, but we won’t stand down.  As more of you add your voices we expect to change the status quo.  Read more about what we are doing to protect the Florida Panther here:


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How Many Tigers are in the U.S.?


That’s a tough question, but you can take a look at the intelligence we have gathered at this link and maybe add to it yourself.


Halloween Haunted House


Murder House will be offering terrifying experiences for those who love the thrill of haunted houses, and they are doing it to benefit Big Cat Rescue!

Right now they are having a contest here:

Big Cat Rescue will NOT be hosting a haunted trail this year, but instead is asking all of our supporters to go to the Murder House in Tampa to get your chills and thrills, as they will be donating proceeds to our cats.

Be sure to sign up for our mews-letter so that you get all the latest details about this scary event.


Federal Employees Combined Federal Campaign


Our thanks to the hundreds of Federal Employees and Military Personnel who donated to the cats through the CFC.  Our CFC Number is 10766  Please consider the cats as you are making your donation decisions.

Free Goodies For You


Each month LaWanna tries to make sure you get NEW goodies on our Chat Big Cats site.  Ready for you now are:

New Screen Savers

New Wallpapers Two wallpapers each in four different sizes

Cambu the digital book


Thank You for Helping Us Win 2015 Top Rated Non Profit by Great NonProfits


Big Cat Rescue, Corp. Nonprofit Overview and Reviews on GreatNonprofits2015 Top Rated Non Profit by Great NonProfits.  Post your review HERE



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