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Hope You Are Having a Happy New Year!

We are very happy for two recent graduates of our bobcat rehab program.  Check out the release of Phoenix and Captiva in this video:

Phoenix and Captiva are starting a new life journey as free and wild bobcats. Watch as we release them in their natural habitat. It was sad to see them go, but exciting to know that they are in the wild where they belong.  Help support our bobcat rehab work by donating here:

Win a Cat Tree

Win it for your own cats, or tell us your favorite cat shelter in the U.S. and we will send it there.  Email your snapshots of our cats to  The winner will be chosen by random drawing on February 10, 2016. Hopefully we can then get it ordered for you by Valentine’s Day to make it one for your cat to remember forever.

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Valentine’s Day

It’s the heart warming-ist time of the year!

We have more than 14 pages of free Valentine’s Day goodies for you here:



15% off entire order. Offer valid 1/27/16 – 2/7/16

30% off artwork (canvas prints, limited edition signed prints, and original paintings). Offer valid 1/27/16 – 2/7/16

Use it now at

Get downloadable Valentine photos at


Watch the Elephant in the Living Room for FREE on Hulu

Elephant in the Living Room

Watch Online for FREE!

Now available on Hulu, the runaway hit documentary The Elephant in the Living Room is streaming online for FREE!

The film won FIVE “best documentary” awards as is wonderful to watch.

AND, you can help change the mindset of our culture about private ownership of dangerous animals by rating the film, leaving a comment, and encouraging others to watch.

On behalf of the cats, thanks for helping encourage others to watch it!

Also get the book written by Tim Harrison here:


Check Out Fun Cat Videos Since Last Month

Mountain Lions in Wyoming need your voice NOW!!


Wyoming lawmakers have proposed a bill (HB 0012) that would legalize the cruel trapping and snaring of mountain lions.

Please take action here:


Outrageous Acts of Science

For those of you who missed the episode of Outrageous Acts Of Science, here is the link to our portion of the show. We were the first to be featured on this episode.


Help Us Defeat Animal Abusers

Big Cat Rescue is THE most hated sanctuary by animal abusers.  Since there is no way for them to stop us from exposing their misdeeds and no way for them to justify their exploitation of exotic cats, they resort to posting false reviews about us in an effort to trash our good name.  Most review sites won’t remove fake reviews, even when it obviously not from a real visitor.  If you are a real visitor to our sanctuary, and love the work that you have helped us do for big cats, please help us recover from a recent attack by blind followers of Black Jaguar White Tiger who have been posting false 1 star reviews on these sites:




Great Non Profits

Google Plus


Ask China to Stop Farming Tigers

China is in the process of revising its Wildlife Protection Law of 1989. It’s the first time the law has been amended thoroughly in 26 years and its unlikely there will be another opportunity to amend the law in the near future. The 1989 law provides the basis for China’s policy of wildlife “utilisation” and trade and breeding for commercial purposes.

The new draft law was published last month and unfortunately, continues to encourage commercial breeding and utilization as its founding principle. Public consultation over the draft law is ongoing and the deadline for comments is January 29th, 2016.  If you would like to submit comments in English, you can mail your comments to:

The Legal Committee of National People’s Congress
No. 1 West Avenue, Xicheng District,
Beijing, China  100805

Sample statement:

Please stop the captive breeding of tigers and stop using their parts and derivatives.


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