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Happy Valentine’s Day

We have so much happy news to share with you!

First there was the successful release of the rehab bobcats Rain and Dancer!

Last month we were happy to report that Phoenix and Captiva had been successfully rehabbed and released in the January AdvoCat.  See the great release footage of Rain and Dancer here:

Second there was the successful introduction of Mr. and Mrs. Claws!

The photo at the top of the page is from day 1 of their introduction.  That just about says it all for this cute little couple, but you can stay up to date with them on their page here:  Be sure to go to the LIVE explore webcam feed for them too.

Third, we rescued Thor the bobcat, who had been hit by a car!

Thor is on the mend and you can read all about his rescue, emergency medical care to save his life and keep up on his progress at

So, How Do We Do It?

Only With YOUR Help

Valentines Day GiftWe need to raise $500 to purchase camouflage ghillie suits for our rehabbers.  These suits will help us disguise our human form so Mr. and Mrs. Claws (our two current rehab bobcats) do not get accustomed to being around people.

Help us raise these funds. For $5 receive a super cute photo download of one of the recently released bobcats; Phoenix, Captiva, Rain, or Dancer or one of the bobcats currently in rehab; Mr. Claws and Mrs. Claws.  For $25 receive all 6 downloads!

The images of Captiva, Phoenix, Rain and Dancer are from the day of their release. Each image and has the bobcat’s name on it.

This photo is a download.  You will not receive a printed photo in the mail.  After check out you will receive a link.  Click on the link to download and print your rehab bobcat photo.  Get yours here:

Our Federal Bill to Protect Big Cats Gains Momentum

We now have 50 co sponsors on this important legislation to protect big cats from being bred for life in backyards and basements.  Find out more here:

See Some of our Videos Since Last Mewsletter

This play list of videos will take you back in time for the last month to see some of the great work that YOU make possible.

The Battle for Big Cats

Joseph Lion RoarsGood news!  The bill to trap mountain lions in Wyoming was killed thanks to all of you who wrote in to protest such cruelty!

Wisconsin is one of the few states that has no laws to protect big cats.  No one should be breeding lions, tigers and other big cats for backyard menageries.  Please help protect big cats in Wisconsin, with this important bill:  We make it easy with a sample letter.  Everyone is invited to weigh in on this important measure.

NH Residents: You can help end bobcat trapping in your state by making a call to the NH Fish & Game Department to let them know that you oppose bobcat hunting and trapping.  The NH Fish & Game Department only wants to hear from people who live in their state.  Find the numbers to call here:

Does Chris Latvala Support Animal Abuse

Let Rep Chris Latvala Know It’s Animal Abuse: People who make a living breeding and exploiting cubs and primates often use the draw of that once in a lifetime desire to touch the wild. They mislead lawmakers and their staff into posing with cubs and tell them blatant lies about this helping conservation and the life the cubs will lead once they are too old and dangerous to exploit by charging to hold them. That makes your and our job of educating these legislators more difficult because their heads are filled with these lies, and they are on record with a photo holding a cub or chimp. Florida State Representative Chris Latvala has been a friend of animals on some issues, but recently posted photos with young exotic animals and needs to know there is another side to this story. Please POLITELY and professionally let him know that you and many others feel it is never OK to have baby wild animals trotted into the capital for such photo ops and that you and many others hope he will make the effort to learn what really happens to these unfortunate animals. It is even more egregious that this woman, with a criminal record, and who is being sued by USDA, would be in his office and using his good name to promote her activities. Here is the link to the post: and here is his main page where he’s using a photo of himself holding a pet monkey as his profile photo

Give Day is Coming

On May 3 the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay will hold its third annual Give Day contest where nonprofits compete to see who can have the most donors and donations that day. There are also prizes for the most donations in a particular hour of the day.

Thanks to so many of our supporters who participated, last year Big Cat Rescue won $30,000, more than any other nonprofit! Find out how to leverage your donation this year at


New Tees and Hoodies to Show Your Pride

Big Cat Rescue is hosting some custom designs on where your purchase helps save exotic cats.  The shirts are printed on demand so we don’t have to stock them or handle the shipping and the profit margin is the same as those we sell in our online and onsite gift shops.  Check out some of the cool new designs, like these:

I Just Want to Drink Wine and Rescue TigersMy Bobcat is in Rehab TEE Black

We Have a Winner!

Robin Frye won the photo contest, by random drawing from all of the great entries, to win a fabulous cat tree.  Be sure that you are set to get notifications from us on Facebook and for future contests.


Tonight!  Leopards at the Door

When NatGeo photographers go on an assignment, it’s not just a job; it’s a mission.  Watch tonight

Big Cat Vets

We are fortunate to have such wonderful veterinarians who donate their time to saving big cats.  Over the last two years many of you helped us outfit our onsite Windsong Memorial Hospital so that our cats don’t have to travel for critical medical care.  There is one last, major piece of equipment and we have a matching grant to help, but we need you too.  More about Big Cat Ultrasound.


International Big Cat News


Exploitation of Endangered Species Feared as China Revisits Wildlife Law


India schools shut in Bangalore over leopard fears


Once Thought Extinct, ‘Lost Group of Lions Discovered in Africa


The Lonely Jaguar of the United States


3 charged after lioness escapes in Dubai neighborhood; Keeping wildlife pets illegal in UAE 

Eric Lynn Visits Big Cat Rescue

In early February we were honored to be visited by Congressional candidate Eric Lynn. Mr. Lynn is running for the Pinellas County 13th Congressional seat left open when Rep. David Jolly decided to run for the Senate seat that has been left open by Marco Rubio. Mr. Lynn spent 8 years in Washington as a policy advisor to President Obama and then moved back to St. Petersburg where he and his wife Tracy plan to raise their two young children Hazel and Jaron.

Eric LynnHe is pictured here with Andre the tiger.

We are always appreciative when legislators and candidates for office show interest in the plight of the big cats in captivity and in legislation to end their suffering. After his visit, Mr. Lynn sent us the following wonderful email:

“I was truly moved during my visit to Big Cat Rescue.  After learning about the conditions thousands of animals are kept in around the country, it’s clear to me that we need people in Congress who will advocate for these amazing animals.  I will support the Big Cat Public Safety Act and will seek other ways to help.

The people at Big Cat Rescue are working hard every day to care for these animals and raise awareness.  I’m proud to stand with them, and I hope you’ll join us.”

On behalf of the cats, we thank Mr. Lynn to make time to visit us during this busy campaign season!

Goodbye to Narla Cougar

NarlaCougarAngelThe saddest part of our work is saying good bye to cats when their end has come.  We will miss Narla Cougar, but don’t want her story to be forgotten. Read more about Narla here:


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