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Meet Spirit Feather

Give to Big Cat RescueJuly 20, 2016: Another 2am success story! When this little bobcat was separated from her mom, and found in the middle of the road, good samaritans turned her in at a clinic in the middle of the state. Who are you going to call at 10:30 pm when you have a bobcat in a box taped shut? Big Cat Rescue, of course.

We get so many calls to help orphans like Spirit Feather and adults who have been injured that we don’t have enough rehab space.  We are undertaking a massive construction project right now that will give us room for eight bobcats in rehab at once.  Thanks to a wonderful donor the first $100,000 that is donated will be matched by them, dollar for dollar. That doubles your ability to help bobcats like Spirit Feather! 

Find out more, how she got her name, and see her live web cam by clicking below:

Spirit Feather

Cat Nip Alternative Study

Research Director Lauren Buckingham took some time to work with Sebastiaan Bol, a scientist from California, in a catnip alternative study with some of our Big Cats.

JoJo Caraval 2016 Happy Face

Sebastiaan initially began his study to see if house cats who didn’t like catnip would enjoy other plant materials. Everyone who has seen a cat rolling around with an overwhelming feeling of joyful excitement will understand that it is rather sad for those who don’t like catnip to miss out. About 1 out of every 3 cats does not respond to catnip, most likely because the smell doesn’t trigger anything for him or her.

Bobcats Really Love Silver Vine

Silver Vine is a plant that is believed to have similar effects to catnip however is not well known in the USA, not even among feline veterinarians. With his study Sebastian was able to conclude that many domestic cats who do not respond to catnip loved silver vine and his results are due to be submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal later this year.

Bobcats Love Silver Vine
In the early 60’s Dr Todd at Harvard University showed that Big Cats love catnip too. Almost all of the leopards and lions used in the study showed behaviors such as rolling over, rubbing their heads, chin and cheeks on the plant material, however tigers showed no interest. That finding lead to the wondering if the tiger would perhaps enjoy silver vine, as was the case with so many domestic felines. Unfortunately after a few days of study it was concluded that the tiger in addition to disliking catnip, also had a strong dislike to Silver Vine, with many not simply ignoring it but moving away in disgust. In addition we also decided to offer the Silver Vine to other species at the Sanctuary to see if they had the same response to the tigers.  Enjoy the pictures that show their reaction was the complete opposite and we may have found a new enrichment smell for the small cats. The data collected by Sebastiaan and Lauren will also be submitted for publication in the peer-reviewed scientific journal later this year.

Online Exclusives for our AdvoCat Readers

Online Exclusives

These conversation starters can only be purchased online in our store at https://big-cat-rescue.myshopify.com/collections/online-exclusives

Big Cat Calls

Fantastic News! As of last week we have now surpassed 5000 calls, this congressional session, from our tour guests in support of the Big Cat Public Safety Act. That’s 5000 people who took the time and made it their priority at the end of the tour, to call their representatives and senators, here at the sanctuary. That number of calls is a huge contribution to making a difference in our fight to end suffering for so many Big Cats and the Trade. Thank you to all our followers and supporters, this is all possible because of YOU!

If you haven’t made that call yet, please go to BigCatAct.com to send an email AND make a quick call too!

12 Grrreat New Videos Since Last Month

You Tube Big Cats July 2016

National Sheriff’s Association Resolution in Favor of the Big Cat Public Safety Act

In 2011 Muskingum County Sheriff Matthew J. Lutz and his deputies came face to face with a nightmare: a private owner of exotic animals in Zanesville, Ohio had opened the cages of his 56 tigers, lions, cougars, bears and wolves and let them loose. Recognizing that the animals were a serious public safety risk as dusk approached, deputies had no choice but to shoot most of the animals before they could scatter into the night and threaten lives.

Law enforcement should never have to be put in that scenario. We don’t ever want this to happen again, which is why we are working with Sheriff Lutz and the National Sheriffs’ Association to spread awareness and gain support for the Big Cat Public Safety Act.

Last month Big Cat Rescuers, Jennifer Leon and Chuck & Trundy Stairs, attended the National Sheriffs’ Association’s annual conference in Minneapolis with this message: tigers, lions and other exotic cats kept in people’s homes, backyards, and roadside zoos pose a serious and completely unnecessary risk to public safety, law enforcement, and first responders.

The National Sheriffs’ Association has been very welcoming of our message, recently publishing our article about big cats and public safety in their July/August issue of Sheriff & Deputy magazine and passing a Resolution in support of the Big Cat Public Safety Act.

We are grateful to the National Sheriffs’ Association and look forward to building relationships with Sheriff departments across the country. To learn more visit https://bigcatrescue.org/lawenforcement


Snapchat, Twitter and Nonstop Knight Fans


Help Big Cat Rescue win a $10,000 donation from @flaregames by downloading game app Nonstop Knight — downloadable for free on iOS and Android devices — and VOTE for Snapchat star Audrey Spencer (@Cakes1toDough1) in the Nonstop Knight in-game poll!

Audrey has selected Big Cat Rescue as her charity of choice, but she is competing with 3 other charities –the charity with the most votes will win the $10,000.

HOW TO VOTE: Download the Nonstop Knight app AppleAndroid. Open the app and look for a notification message popping up. Click on the link to enter a quickfire poll, which includes campaign videos and snap art from the celebs (the snap cat art shown here is by Audrey!!). Then VOTE FOR AUDREY @Cakes1toDough1

Voting ends at midnight PDT on Tuesday August 2.

Suggested Twitter Posts:

Help BCR win a $10k donation from @flaregames by downloading game app Nonstop Knight and voting for @Cakes1todough1 in their in-game poll!

You can also look for and retweet posts about Big Cat Rescue from @Cakes1toDough1 AND @flaregames from now until midnight PDT Aug. 2, 2016


Take Action button

Ask a Florida law firm to stop exploiting a white tiger!

Big Cat Rescue has learned that a large, multi-office law firm throughout Florida called Trial Pros is exploiting a white tiger in their television commercial as well as on their website and their Facebook page.

One of the firm’s lawyers, Piercy Stakelum, is seen posing with a large adult white tiger with a chain around its neck while a handler looks on. It appears Trial Pros rented the tiger for the photo shoot.

Big Cat Rescue has reached out twice to Stakelum at Trial Pros and explained that it’s NOT okay for businesses to exploit a big cat as a marketing ploy and for PR shock value. We also explained that white tigers are the unnatural result of a double recessive gene that happens through inbreeding. White tigers can suffer numerous physical defects such as crossed eyes, spine and kidney problems and cleft palates.

We have received no response from Trial Pros.

So now we need YOU to take action and let the lawyers at Trial Pros know that big cat lovers do not want to see businesses exploit big cats as marketing props. Ask Trial Pros to remove all images and photos of this white tiger from their website and social media sites and to stop airing their television commercial featuring the tiger.

Take action here:  https://salsa4.salsalabs.com/o/51389/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=19259

In this video you can see how unsafe the handling was, and how frustrated the tiger was at being forced to stay in position.

Tell USDA There is NO Age or Species of Wild Cat that Should Be Used as a Prop

It’s appalling to read some of the comments because the people who do take the time to speak up in these public comment sessions are the bad guys who use cubs to make money. One guy named Pawley, who has 40 years of working with major zoos suggested that any kind of cub can be used until they get their baby teeth and then they should be euthanized. He is the kind of person that USDA will think represents the norm if they do not hear from us.

USDA needs to know that people who actually work with big cats do not think they should be used as pay to play props. It’s one of the most important things you can do to protect big cats, so please go to TigerRescue.com and hit the Comment Now button to tell USDA in your own words that you are opposed to using cubs of any age for public handling. It is important that you use your own words because they heavily discount “form” emails.

Go to TigerRescue.com or https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=APHIS-2012-0107-15341

Protecting Florida’s Wildlife

You would think that the Florida Wildlife Commission would be a board of people who are committed to protecting Florida’s wildlife, but instead the members are all hunters, “sportsmen” or developers.  Now that Charles W. Roberts III’s term is about to expire, please ask the governor to select someone who actually shares your values for protecting wildlife and the environment.

Laura Nirenberg from the Center for Wildlife Ethics is a much better person for the job. She has extensive experience in the field of non-violent wildlife management. Laura also served on the Indiana Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Fish & Wildlife’s “Nuisance” Wildlife Subcommittee where she worked to promulgate regulations prohibiting the most egregious abuses prevalent in the wildlife control industry including drowning and the use of nail polish remover as an injected poison.

In 2006, Ms. Nirenberg won the Purdue University 22nd Hyde Park Speech forum with her presentation entitled, “Misplaced Priorities,” which challenged the Indiana General Assembly’s political posturing and hypocrisy related to its support of a constitutional amendment for the right to hunt.

Tell Governor Rick Scott: Replace FWC Commissioner Charles Roberts with Laura Nirenberg instead.  FL residents only, please edit and send this quick email:  https://salsa4.salsalabs.com/o/51389/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=19301

If you are not from Florida, but really want to let Gov. Scott hear from you, use this email address:  scottopengov@eog.myflorida.com


Cast from Wizard of Oz Visit Big Cat Rescue

Aaron Fried and family plus a group of cast members from The Wizard of OZ came out to tour BigCatRescue.  Aaron is friends with Dr Justin Boorstein’s  family back home.  They came in Friday July 15th and had an extended 2 hour tour.  Aaron was really excited to meet our lions since he plays the cowardly lion in The Wizard of Oz. Cameron came over but Joseph was too busy napping.   https://www.wizardofozthemusical.com/ustour/about-the-show/

Wizard Of Oz Cast 2016

Do You Have Cheetahs or Jaguars?

This is one of the top ten questions people ask.  Find out more at:  https://bigcatrescue.org/cheetah-jaguar/

International Tiger Day 2016

Help us celebrate International Tiger Day. Find out when and how at: https://bigcatrescue.org/insitu/

The Quarterly Big Cat Times

Our printed, quarterly magazine costs us about 43 cents to print and mail, per copy, so we can’t mail it to everyone in our database. You can download the digital version here though: https://bigcatrescue.org/big-cat-times/

Sad Goodbyes to Cats We’ve Loved

So many of our cats are in their late teens and early twenties that we are dealing with many age related vet issues and having to say goodbye to cats we’ve loved for decades.  We don’t post all of our videos on our primary channel at BigCatTV.com so to get more of a glimpse into the behind the scenes of Big Cat Rescue, be sure to subscribe to DailyBigCat too.

Daily Big Cat You Tube 2016

We post live feeds on Facebook.com/BigCatRescue almost every day, but save the better ones here https://www.youtube.com/c/dailybigcat

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