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Amazing Grace

hear big cats

Female Ocelot

DOB 5/1/92 –6/11/2014

Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 9/27/96


Amazing Grace the Ocelot

Amazing Grace was reported to be a three-year-old female ocelot when she arrived on 9/27/96, but appears to be much older. Her ears were very tattered because the place where she lived before had cats with common walls; meaning that one wall of the cage was shared between adjoining cats. When Amazing Grace would rub against the wire, the cat next to her would bite off pieces of her ears trying to get a grip on her. She is safe from harm now and has her own large natural enclosure.

She is affectionately called Gracie by the volunteers at Big Cat Rescue. Gracie has the boldest personality of all the ocelots. She makes her presence known with her guttural voice and greets everyone with enthusiasm. Gracie is also very high strung and loves attention of all sorts, especially operant training sessions. Gracie gets so excited during training sessions and does not want them to end or the keepers to leave. So when keepers end an operant session they must leave behind some enrichment for her to play with. This way Gracie can keep entertaining herself for as long as she wants.




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See a video of Amazing Grace rolling around shredding toilet paper – https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=agVnhrFD3ww


Tributes to Amazing Grace Ocelot


Song Tribute to Amazing Grace by Desmond Fowles

We think Amazing Grace was 22 when she was euthanized on June 11, 2014, but she may have been a lot older. She seemed amazingly healthy, right up until the last few days, her necropsy showed advanced heart disease and renal failure.

She had come from a breeder, who could get $15,000 for an ocelot kitten, but said Amazing Grace was four and too old to breed. Apparently she had been kept in a cage where their were shared walls with a male, who must have bitten off her ear tips trying to pull her through the wall.

What we do know about Amazing Grace is that she arrived in 1996 and became one of the cats who inspired the frequent statement from volunteers and visitors alike who said, “Gracie is my favorite cat!” Who couldn’t love her enthusiasm for life?

Even though ocelots are primarily nocturnal in captivity, Amazing Grace would never pass up an opportunity to come trotting out, making her guttural, ocelot vocalizations and begin rubbing wildly on the cage wall next to the target of her affections. Amazing Grace knew how to score extra treats and enrichment on a scale that has never been matched by any other cat here.

Her little corner of the world seems so quiet now. It is sad to pass by her triplex and know that all that is left of her is her scent that will probably permeate her favorite spraying tree forever. Some other lucky cat will get her space one day, but will have awfully big paws to fill.

Elizabeth Pullan Jun 23, 2014
Going to miss Garcy you funny silly girl

Desmond. Fowles Jun 22, 2014
Amazing Grace how sweet your purrs
Your time with us went fast
You ” graced” our lives here at Big Cat
Where you found peace at last.

Miss you Gracie

Jun 19, 2014
Gracie, you were such a beautiful cat and were a great ambassador for all your kind. I wish I had known that that Sunday was going to be the last time I saw you but you never let it show what pain and discomfort you must have been in. You were just you’re usual self, following me around your enclosure, looking for attention. Rest in peace little baby cat. You will live on in our memories.

Regina Turgeon Jun 19, 2014
Even though I haven’t been here as long as most keepers, yes I do have to say she was one of my favorites too! Just like Enya I will always miss you when I walk by your enclosure when I’m backing up a tour! Love you little girl! Hugs and kisses sweet one! 🙁

Marie Schoubert Jun 19, 2014
Goodbye my special little girl. You were one of a kind! We all loved you so very much. I will never forget you and your little voice… I know that all you were saying all the time was “I love you” and you got that love back and even more. Now enjoy freedom my little angel! We will never ever forget you. R.I.P. Gracie

Sharon Henry Jun 18, 2014
Oh Gracie Girl, it will never be the same now that you’re gone. No more will you amaze us with your funny antics and warm our hearts with your charm. You were truly a special little soul and you will be remembered and loved always. You are finally free little one.

Regina Rinaldi Jun 18, 2014
Gracie goo, you’ll always be one of my favorites. Whenever I would bring Hal fish, you had to have some as well. You’d scarf down a whole tilapia fillet and then eat dinner. You were silly and loved to play always getting like three pieces of enrichment. You’re one of BCRs ambassadors, and will be missed. Love you Goo Goo Doll.

Jun 18, 2014
RIP Gracie. I’ll miss your growly zombie noises and trying to attack my scraper pole when I was cleaning your enclosure. You were so so beautiful – I loved hearing tour guests gasp at how pretty you were.

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  1. This is a beautiful cat…all of the cats here are gorgeous creatures. I cannot imagine any human being taking them from their natural habitat and using them for their own selfish, arrogant satisfaction. If only the tables could be turned.

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