hear big catsAngelica

Female Bobcat

DOB 9/6/1995 – 5/9/16

Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 5/14/10


Angelica a female bobcat was rescued in May of 2010 because her owner was in foreclosure and unable to keep her any longer. Despite having the intention of caring for Angelica for her entire life, personal circumstances had changed and this little bobcat became a victim to them. Luckily we had the space and took her in. We also contracted with her owner to prohibit her from obtaining an exotic cat as a pet ever again. By requiring owners to sign this agreement we are not only providing a home for one unwanted cat, but also preventing future unwanted cats. No matter what the intentions, exotic cats do not make good pets and are often discarded at a young age.



Angelica had a cancerous mass removed in 2014, but seemed healthy and happy for the following year.  She was chosen as one of the 20 year old cats, to get one of the first turns in the Small Cat Fun area and spent a week exploring a huge new space.  One 5/9/16 her keepers reported that it looked like her jaw might be swollen and she was having a hard time chewing, so Dr. Boorstein sedated her for X-rays.

What we found reminded us that cats are masters at hiding their infirmities.  Her entire bottom jaw, on one side, had been eaten away by cancer and a tooth had just fallen out because there was nothing to hold it in.  We made the difficult, but humane decision to end her suffering while she slept.

Tributes to Angelica Bobcat

Alyssa Weber May 30, 2016
I had just started to form a bond with you since you had just been paired with you. Im so grateful that I was able to spend what little time with you that i did. You will never ben forgotten. Rest easy little Jelly. I love you <3

Regina Rinaldi May 10, 2016
KIKA the cutest girl. I’m so glad you got to go on vacation before you crossed the bridge. No more pain, no more cancer. Run free little girl, you will always be loved.


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