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I only had a sense I must go; an urging that would not be quiet. It would be more than a month before I had the opportunity to visit Big Cat Rescue. I went to the sanctuary with an open mind and no expectations. From the very moment I passed through the gates, I felt a magnificent power and presence that could not be expressed in words.  Wisdom I had long forgotten echoed in my mind as I waited to be introduced to the cats.  St. Francis of Assisi described the mystery and power that lives within every human being when he said, “There are beautiful and wild forces within us.”  I knew there was something special that was unfolding.

Laura LassiterIt was in the heat of the day, a time when most cats are asleep; however, to my amazement I was thrilled to see the big cats coming to meet us. I quickly found that word had spread fast within the community. As I walked with Carole Baskin, founder of Big Cat Rescue, the animals were more than excited to share their stories with me. Some of the shy and rarely seen cats appeared and patiently waited their turn. Carole and I laughed as we heard others begging to be next. Some tried to get our attention by climbing trees to get a better view of where we were. They knew someone who understood them was present. I am an animal communicator, and I was listening to what their hearts were saying.

Snow Leopard on Lion
Laura accurately translated that Hercules (9 years after this photo was taken) wanted his statue back.  This photo had been in a box in Carole’s closet for the past 9 years and no one else had seen it, nor did anyone remember that Hercules used to sleep on the statue when he was a cub.

During the next several hours, stories were shared that brought tears to our eyes, joy to our hearts, and questions to our minds.  We were surrounded by what most people would see as victims. From one perspective, that was true. From another perspective, I saw animals that had been abused, abandoned, neglected, and used for economic gain survive and heal from their experiences. They were not trapped by their past as their hearts were filled with love. I realized I was looking at “living” history because the only reason the cats were residing at the sanctuary was a direct result of our lack of remembering our connection with all life forms. At a very deep level, we were trying to remember that connection, but in a primitive way that resulted in domination and control instead of respect and honor.

Ancient wisdom teaches us that in order to understand, you have to be one with what you want to understand. The French language has a word, comprendre, which means to understand, to know, to comprehend. Com means to be one, to be together and prendre means to take or to grasp. To understand something is to take that thing up and be one with it. Another example can be found in Mayan tradition. They have a greeting, In Lak’ech. In Lak’ech means “I am another yourself” (A modern day interpretation) and also means “I am you, and Youare me” (A traditional Mayan interpretation).  We have come to understand that this Mayan greeting is an honoring for each other and a statement of unity. In Lak’ech goes beyond unity statements and is more than an honorable Maya greeting. It is a moral code. It is a responsible way to live as co-creative partners, not only with human beings, but ALL forms of life.

Laura Lluellyn LassiterWhen one lives the Mayan code of In Lak’ech, we understand that everything we do in this world affects all life and spirit in the universe, either in a positive or negative way, depending on our actions and motivations. In Lak’ech is honoring and acknowledging our intimate connection and unity with all life. When we live the code of In Lak’ech, we send essential energy filled with love and respect to other life forms. When we solely focus on the avoidance of causing harm, it is a neutral action. One is not harmed, but no one benefits from the connection either. When we practice In Lak’ech, we are producing and sending positive and vital energy to all other forms of life. When we live In Lak’ech, we quit being neutral and take action in a positive way by adding to the experience of being connected with all life.  Grasping this concept, you understand when you give your energy to any other life form you are also giving to yourself. You do not give your energy away to something separate from yourself. You are giving to another part of yourself.  The illusion of being separate from any form of life is dissolved.

Everything we see around us is a reflection of our evolution of consciousness.  Our biggest challenge is understanding there is nothing that happens anywhere that doesn’t affect everything everywhere. The fate of these magnificent spirits will be determined by our understanding and positive action. Big Cat Rescue came into existence because of the needs of the animals that we didn’t understand. Only by knowing our past, do we understand the present, thereby giving us the wisdom to create the future.

Laura Lluellyn Lassiter with Cameron
Note: The photo with the lion was done in photoshop as we do not endanger people or animals at the sanctuary by allowing unprotected contact.

Laura Lluellyn-Lassiter

Visit her web site Soul Be It


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