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Male Bobcat

5/5/95 – 10/26/17

Rescued  6/6/95

Apache came to Big Cat Rescue on June 6, 1995. His previous owner saw him urinate on the carpet and decided that having a bobcat as a pet was not the best idea. Apache shares a large Cat.a.tat with Divinity.

He is one of the shyest in the bunch and is always leery of Keepers that approach his enclosure. He can be quickly won over however with a few tasty treats.

Apache looks very different from the other bobcats he lives with, his coat is very light and his eyes are blue-gray.

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Apache Loves Spice Bag

Apache When He Was a Kitten

See A Video of Apache Shredding Toilet Paper

Most of our bobcats were rescues from fur farms. The deal we made with the fur farms was that he would pay top dollar for every cat and kitten they had as long as the fur farmer would agree to never buy and breed cats again for slaughter. It came at a time that the public outcry was against the fur industry.

Some of our cats were purchased at auctions where the uncaring owners were dumping the cats with no concern about their welfare. We still accept many unwanted cats each year, but do not pay for them and now require that their owner surrender their license, in an attempt to keep people from just trading in their cats each year for a newer, cuter model.

The only way to end the abuse caused by the trade in wild cats is to pass a federal ban on the private possession of exotic cats.

Read more about our Evolution of Thought HERE

Random Photos of Apache

These photos are not in any specific order they have been taken various years, etc.


Photos of Apache with Divinity

Recent photos of Apache and Divinity by Keeper MaryLou

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