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Want a Carole Baskin Autograph?

Since Tiger King, Carole has been inundated with requests for autographs.  We need to ask people to understand that she still has a more than full time job running the sanctuary.  With the virus cancelling tours, it is even a more full time job as she personally spends time on activities we have not done before to raise funds, like the videos she sells. The only way for us to bring the autograph requests to a manageable number that supports our mission is to associate them with financial support.

Autograph Baskins

We currently have some of the 95 Leaf trading cards Leaf gave us that we can autograph. Leaf sold a few thousand of these without autographs. Then they offered 400 of a wider version of the card with Carole and Howard’s autographs for $99.  They sold out in 24 minutes and sell for more now on eBay.

So until they run out we are selling these original cards with the number in the sequence on them and a customized Certificate of Authenticity for $99.  Purchasing one by emailing is one way to get an autograph.

Carole Baskin Autograph
Authentic Carole Baskin Autograph

If you have an item you would like Carole to sign, we ask for a $100 donation to Big Cat Rescue.  Please email first so we can approve the item. Then mail it to Big Cat Rescue, 12802 Easy Street, Tampa, FL 33625-3702 ATTN: Howard Baskin.  Please include return packaging with postage to return it to you and a check for $100 or your receipt for a donation made online.

We have produced an 8×10 photo we will autograph you can order here:

We very much appreciate your understanding that particularly at this difficult time we have to limit autograph requests to those that will provide some level of financial support for the cats and our mission.  We understand if this does not work for you, no worries. Regardless we appreciate the inquiry and being a “fan” very much!!

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