Bagheera Black Leopard


Bagheera Leopard

3/1/89 – 11/10/10

Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 5/27/95
Bagheera came to Big Cat Rescue on 5/27/95 from Oklahoma. Bagheera had been declawed and it was the intention of her owners to keep her as a pet.

As usually happens, this plan just didn’t work out.  When they moved, they had no room for their leopard.  How sad that people refuse to think of the long term consequences of impulsive decisions like buying an exotic animal to raise as a pet.  It rarely works out for the owners, and definitely not for the animals involved.

Though she was bottle fed, she is definitely not tame enough to handle safely.  Luckily, we were able to rescue her.  She has a large natural Cat-a-tat filled with bushes and trees and is free to do as she pleases no longer forced to into the position of being a pet.

Sadly, Bagheera was left without Adonnis when he passed away on 1/13/10. Her health continued to fail and we said a tearful goodbye to her as she joined Adonnis over the rainbow bridge, finally free, after living 21 years in captivity.


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