With the cats moving to Turpentine Creek and the eventual sale of the property (it will likely take until late 2024 to close on a sale like this), we have received inquiries about what happens to the various objects on display that have supporter names on them in recognition of donations made. The purpose of this page is to address those questions as best we can at this time.


These will move with the living cats to Turpentine Creek to create a permanent memorial for the cats who have been rescued and passed on here. Turpentine is open to the public and you will be able to see the plaques there if you visit.


These can be picked up in person or we can mail them to you at a cost of $25 for shipping and handling.

Just donate the $25 cost at https://bigcatrescue.salsalabs.org/FeedaTiger2/index.html and email sales@bigcatrescue.org.


These will move to Turpentine Creek to be placed on the new enclosures there.


The developers we have talked to about purchasing the property have all indicated a desire to preserve and honor the history of the land as a sanctuary into the community they build here. It appears likely that they will utilize the bricks in building the community center. Plans like that will not be created until after rezoning, so are over a year away.

If they are not going to be used, we plan to make them available to be picked up or mailed, but as you might imagine their weight and size makes packing and shipping them expensive ($50 for the 4×8” bricks, $75 for the 8×8”). We cannot pull up individual bricks without risking damage to it and the adjacent bricks, so that option can only be made available when we are ready to pull them all up. If you would like to be notified if the bricks are not going to be incorporated into the future development please email donate@bigcatrescue.org to be put on the notification list.

Or the provider of the bricks offers a much more cost-effective alternative. For $25 we can order for you a smaller 2” x 4.5” replica of your brick made out of ?????? that will be shipped directly to you from the provider. It will have the same inscription as your original brick. We can order those now if you like.

Just donate the $25 cost at https://bigcatrescue.salsalabs.org/FeedaTiger2/index.html and email sales@bigcatrescue.org.


If you donated for a Sponsor Kit that included a ceramic tile with a cat photo and your name on it, we can ship those to you. They are fragile so they have to be packed well and the larger ones are heavy.

The shipping and handling cost goes up with size as follows:

  • 4×4 $12
  • 6×6 $16
  • 8×8 $20
  • 12×12 $25

If you would like to pick up your tile or have it mailed, please email donate@bigcatrescue.org. Once we confirm we have located the tile you can donate the cost at https://bigcatrescue.salsalabs.org/FeedaTiger2/index.html