Amanda_Tiger Vacation 2015

Caging Big Cats



Because we are the leader in trying to ban the private breeding and possession of big cats, and the breeders and exhibitors have no basis for the exploitation except greed, their only way to fight back is to disparage Big Cat Rescue. At times they show photos of a small part of an enclosure and claim it is the entire enclosure, or claim our cages are rusty when they are in fact regularly painted with brown Rustoleum and where we use double galvanized wire, which is what we purchase now, the panels do not rust at all.  This video shows how the cats navigate their space that is full of interesting things for them to do.

See more photos and explanation of Big Cat Cages

See more photos and explanation of Big Cat Cages

Some Video of Building Exotic Cat Ponds and Waterfall

 More Pool Video

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