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Take Action Now to End the Exploitation of Big Cats in Circus Acts

Hello, Big Cat Rescuers! ūüźĺ

We’ve come a long way in our fight for the freedom and dignity of big cats, but the struggle is far from over. Today, we focus on an the below urgent issues that continue to tarnish our society: the abuse and exploitation of big cats, particularly tigers, in circus acts. We are calling on all of you to take immediate action on our alerts by sending a sample letter to decision-makers. Here‚Äôs why your participation is vital.

The Suffering Behind the Spotlight

The circus may seem like a place of wonder and excitement, but for big cats, it’s a life of torment. Tigers and other big cats are often crammed into tiny, filthy cages and shipped from one location to another. Training methods include fear, intimidation, and sometimes physical abuse to make them perform unnatural acts. It‚Äôs an injustice that takes away the very essence of these majestic animals.

Be a Voice for the Voiceless

Decision-makers need to hear from us, the people who care about the wellbeing of big cats. Your letter can make a difference. Whether it‚Äôs local legislators or corporate sponsors of these circus acts, your words have power. It sends the message that the exploitation of tigers and other big cats is not entertainment‚ÄĒit’s abuse.

Why Sample Letters Are Effective

We provide sample letters for you to use, and they are designed to be impactful. These letters hit all the key points in a concise manner and are a quick way for you to lend your voice to this cause. By choosing one or all of the links we provide, you contribute to a larger effort that can enact real change. Editing them to use your own words will just 10X their power!!!


Help us stop this violation of the Big Cat Public Safety Act!  Take action here:

Be a Saber Tooth Sleuth and report big cat and cub abuse where ever you see it here:

Circus alert pages

Please ask the fairs and sponsors to go cage & cruelty free:

The most current situations are at the top of the list, so start there and do as many as you have time to do.

Wildcats in the Wild; Our Mission – Their Future

Remember, we are all connected, bound by the same threads of life on Earth. The suffering of tigers and other big cats in circus acts impacts us all. We must come together and use our collective power to bring about a more compassionate world.

So, take a few minutes to follow the alerts and send those letters. Together, we can end the abuse of big cats in circus acts and other exploitative environments.

For the cats, Carole Baskin, Founder and CEO of Big Cat Rescue

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  1. What determines the big or exotic status of a member of the Cat family? Is there a determining size, weight or specific type of feline? Does this vary from state to state or is it a federal guideline?

    1. For the purpose of the Big Cat Public Safety Act a “big cat” is a lion, tiger, leopard, snow leopard, jaguar, cougar or any hybrid thereof. It is a federal description.

  2. I agree with the non possession of Big cats private or otherwise. They are meant to be in the wild and that is how they maintain their health. We have depleted the wild life and natural resources is why our planet is doing horrible. If you build a house where big cats hunt then deal with it. They were here first before you crowded them out of their hunting grounds. Big cats, Bigfoots, whatever leave them alone. They don’t want to be bothered and shot at is why they throw rocks at humans who get too close. Petition time.


    1. We are working to save big cats in the wild by working with our Insitu partners. You can read more at We are also working to help change laws to save big cats from poaching in other countries as well as cub petting that is still happening in other countries around the world and sadly, even though against the law is still happening in some places in the US. Thank you for considering a donation to the cats of Big Cat Rescue. 100% of your donation goes to the cats.

  4. Hello….
    Just watched a documentation of the misuse of wild cats in US TV Shows rented for private parties and other sicknesses in german TV…..
    I am horryfied how deep human evilness and greed is and how far sick egos go for self production….
    The animals live in tiny cages, suffer their whole life for a 5min apearence in primitive TV Shows for primitive people.
    Posing with Tiger babies is a criminal act, when growing up they are too dangerous so useless for posers and disapear some where….
    The worst thing is that USA wont do something against.
    What kind of society are you really?????
    What is more disgusting than praising sick egos with the pain of innocent helpless animals….
    DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!

    1. We are working to pass the Big Cat Public Safety Act in the US to stop cub petting and private possession.

  5. Thanks everyone who takes action to end abuse… it is unbelievable and very sad that animals -not just big cats get mistreated and used unnecessarily..

  6. Honestly, I don’t understand hunting either. Especially when its not for survival, its just a dumb thing to do.

  7. Hello! ? ?

    I just wanted to share with you my adoration for you! ? I love the work you do SO much that I was SO excited to dress up as you for Halloween with my dog Penelope!

    We attended this FUN event hosted by Wag-O-Ween Savannah and got to walk around trick-or-treating for tasty treats! We were a total hit! I am so proud of my costume because I put it all together myself. I even handmade Penelope’s tiger outfit using a shirt from Goodwill! ?

    Please, take a moment to look at how GREAT my costume of YOU is! Also, I am trying to win the Photobooth contest from the event! Please oh Please oh Please HELP ME GET MORE LIKES on this photo that they posted!

    Here is the link… (I hope it works)

  8. To me it just shows th hat men and weapons are better hunters than dumb animals. So now, are you a bigshot? I don’t understand the entire process. I own a handgun to protect me from humans, not animals!

  9. This all started when asked the internet why do people and dogs hunt bobcats, I had never heard of that and I am 76? What is the point of hunting? I don’t understand it.

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