Take Action Now to End the Exploitation of Big Cats in Circus Acts

Hello, Big Cat Rescuers! 🐾

We’ve come a long way in our fight for the freedom and dignity of big cats, but the struggle is far from over. Today, we focus on an the below urgent issues that continue to tarnish our society: the abuse of big cats, particularly tigers, in circus acts. We are calling on all of you to take immediate action on our alerts by sending a sample letter to decision-makers. Here’s why your participation is vital.

The Suffering Behind the Spotlight

The circus may seem like a place of wonder and excitement, but for big cats, it’s a life of torment. Tigers and other big cats are often crammed into tiny, filthy cages and shipped from one location to another. Training methods include fear, intimidation, and sometimes physical abuse to make them perform unnatural acts. It’s an injustice that takes away the very essence of these majestic animals.

Be a Voice for the Voiceless

Decision-makers need to hear from us, the people who care about the wellbeing of big cats. Your letter can make a difference. Whether it’s local legislators or corporate sponsors of these circus acts, your words have power. It sends the message that the exploitation of tigers and other big cats is not entertainment—it’s abuse.

Why Sample Letters Are Effective

We provide sample letters for you to use, and they are designed to be impactful. These letters hit all the key points in a concise manner and are a quick way for you to lend your voice to this cause. By choosing one or all of the links we provide, you contribute to a larger effort that can enact real change. Editing them to use your own words will just 10X their power!!!


Help us stop this violation of the Big Cat Public Safety Act!  Take action here:  https://bigcatrescue.salsalabs.org/2023WestcoastViolations/index.html

Ask Disney to stop exploiting big cats on TV!  https://bigcatrescue.salsalabs.org/2023animalcontrol

Be a Saber Tooth Sleuth and report big cat and cub abuse where ever you see it here:  https://bigcatrescue.org/saber-tooth-sleuth/

Circus alert pages

Please ask the fairs and sponsors to go cage & cruelty free:

The most current situations are at the top of the list, so start there and do as many as you have time to do.





One World, One Mission

Remember, we are all connected, bound by the same threads of life on Earth. The suffering of tigers and other big cats in circus acts impacts us all. We must come together and use our collective power to bring about a more compassionate world.

So, take a few minutes to follow the alerts and send those letters. Together, we can end the abuse of big cats in circus acts and other exploitative environments.

For the cats, Carole Baskin, Founder and CEO of Big Cat Rescue

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