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Action YOU Can Take to Save Big Cats and their Cubs

Due to the government web forms that receive our data, only people who are constituents of certain representatives can contact their legislators.  Please do not use a fake address to game the system as it renders your real identity as useless when there are matters that you really can speak out about.  We try to only email you with actions you can really take, but if you put in a false address, then you won't get the action alerts that affect you most.  There is something on this page that everyone can do, so please pick your battles wisely.

Salsa is our service provider that makes it possible for you to find the right people to contact by just typing in your zip code. Don't worry, we hate spam too and we will not share or sell your personal info outside of the specific targets you are contacting.

U.S. Residents Only

Take Action buttonThe Most Important Action You Can Take for Big Cats and their Cubs

Stop Big Cat Abuse (US ONLY)

Call, Tweet, or Email your U.S. legislators and ask them to champion the Big Cat Public Safety Act:

For more information about the Big Cat Public Safety Act and a downloadable factsheet visit

End the Use of Wild and Exotic Animals in The Circus

Protect animals, demand transparency and enforcement!


Please help us educate the National Wildlife Federation that big cats should not be used as entertainment or television props!

Pledge to be a Big Cat Friendly Tourist! (ALL AGES)

Take Action for Neglected Big Cats at Noman Park Zoo!

By State


End big cat circuses in Massachusetts


Tell your Missouri state representative that they should protect big cats, not abusive circuses!

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  1. Mary Randall Glover

    October 7, 2020 at 4:15 am

    This all started when asked the internet why do people and dogs hunt bobcats, I had never heard of that and I am 76? What is the point of hunting? I don’t understand it.

  2. Mary Randall Glover

    October 7, 2020 at 4:19 am

    To me it just shows th hat men and weapons are better hunters than dumb animals. So now, are you a bigshot? I don’t understand the entire process. I own a handgun to protect me from humans, not animals!

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