Clouded leopard cub

Clouded Leopard Cub and Mother

We are thrilled to share an update on the conservation efforts your generous donations are helping to fund. Our commitment to protecting the majestic wild cats in their natural habitats has led to significant advancements in our projects. While we cannot disclose specific locations to ensure the safety of these magnificent creatures, we’re excited to share the achievements made possible by your support. Below is a report we just got from the wild.

“Our team has successfully deployed camera traps in non-protected areas, focusing on monitoring and protecting several elusive wild cat species. Though marbled cats remain shy of our cameras, we’ve captured the stunning presence of clouded leopards, Asian golden cats, and leopard cats. These findings are vital for our understanding and conservation of their populations.

In an inspiring turn of events, two local individuals, formerly hunters, have joined our efforts. Their invaluable knowledge and dedication have led to the discovery of multiple resting sites for clouded leopards. Their transformation from hunters to conservationists is a powerful testament to the change we strive to inspire.

Among our most heartwarming moments was the direct sighting and camera capture of a clouded leopard mother with her cub (pictured on this page). This rare glimpse into their lives strengthens our resolve to protect these incredible animals and their habitats.

We’re also proud to announce the initiation of the WCN Internship Programme, made possible through our partnership with WCN-SWCCF. This program aims to empower underrepresented tribal students in the region with training in biodiversity conservation, supporting their educational and career aspirations in wildlife studies.”

Your unwavering support and trust in Big Cat Rescue have been instrumental in these achievements. We are committed to continuing our work, ensuring a harmonious coexistence between wild cat populations and local communities.

Your support is making a difference. Together, we are paving the way for a future where wild cats thrive in their natural habitats, free from the threats of poaching and habitat loss.

Photo credits to SWCCF

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