Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest Policy

Founder Carole Baskin w/ White Tiger Zabu
Founder Carole Baskin w/ White Tiger Zabu

Big Cat Rescue (BCR) serves the community as a non-profit fundraising entity. As such BCR operates in a role that calls for a high degree of community trust. Because BCR’s activities are subject to public scrutiny, conscientious efforts must be continually taken to maintain the confidence of the community and to avoid circumstances which might lead to a harmful conflict of interest and lessened credibility in pursuing the mission of the sanctuary.

Therefore, it is the policy of BCR that representatives of BCR (Representatives), including Directors and key employees, should not, on behalf of BCR, engage in any business or professional activity with persons or organizations outside BCR where that activity might result in personal benefit to the Representative, and thereby result in a conflict of interest. Representatives should not accept gifts, monies, entertainment of significant value, or other gratuities from persons outside BCR, or otherwise deal with suppliers and others where personal gain accrues to the Representative, if such benefits or dealings are of a nature that they could create the reasonable perception that the Representative would have a personal incentive to act in a manner that was not in the best interests of BCR.

Directors and Officers of BCR shall exercise their best judgment for the benefit of BCR and shall refrain from being influenced by personal considerations of any kind in the performance of their duties. Directors and officers shall avoid employment, investments and personal interests, which may work to the disadvantage of BCR.

This policy is not intended to prohibit Directors, key employees and such other persons from furnishing services, merchandise, equipment or supplies to BCR pursuant to arm’s-length arrangements or contracts for fair and reasonable consideration. However, all such contracts, arrangements or transactions, and the terms thereof, must be fully disclosed to the Board of Directors in writing and shall at all times be available for examination.


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