Doug Williams

Doug Williams

Doug Williams

Doug, Raunda, Laura, Ashley, D.J. & Laura Williams with Scott Lope, BCR Director of Operations

As a tour guest, or even a volunteer tour guide, you never know who may show up for one of our fabulous walking tours here at Big Cat Rescue.  A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of hosting former Super Bowl quarterback Doug Williams and his entire family on our 9:00 Saturday Children’s Tour.  Though his older son D.J. and his wife Raunda have visited us before, Doug had not had the chance to come out yet for a tour.  Since we offer a special tour every Saturday morning that is designed especially for children under 10 years old, this was the perfect opportunity to share a wonderful morning with his little girl Laura and the rest of the Williams family at Big Cat Rescue.

Though the other tour guests were expecting to meet all of our fabulous big cats, imagine how surprised they were to have the opportunity to meet a Super Bowl MVP, too – not to mention a man who led our Tampa Bay Buccanneers to 3 playoff appearances and 1 NFC title game!  Despite having a sports celebrity among us, it was still the big cats who captured the most attention.  Every child is fascinated by the size, the beauty, and the playful antics of all the big cats they get to see during this tour that is tailored just for their age group. If you haven’t had an opportunity to come out for one of our Children’s Tours yet, you really must.  You never know who may join you!!

Senior Keeper:  Julie Hanan

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