Dr Cindy Hurtado

Dr Cindy Hurtado

Born in the heart of Peru, Dr. Cindy Hurtado has always been drawn to the wild and mysterious world of felines. Her passion for these magnificent creatures has led her on a remarkable journey, from her native land to the rugged landscapes of British Columbia, Canada, where she now serves as a Carnivore Conservation Biologist at the Ministry of Water, Land, and Resource Stewardship.

Dr. Hurtado’s unwavering commitment to the conservation of endangered cats is evident in her tireless efforts to protect the Pampas Cat and the Andean Mountain Cat from the brink of extinction. Each day, she wakes up with a singular purpose: to ensure that these elusive and precious animals continue to thrive in their natural habitats.

As a member of the Pampas Cat Working Group, Dr. Hurtado collaborates with a dedicated team of researchers, conservationists, and local communities to develop and implement strategies that safeguard the future of these vulnerable felines. Her expertise and passion have been instrumental in raising awareness about the plight of these cats and mobilizing support for their conservation.

Despite the challenges that come with working in remote and rugged environments, Dr. Hurtado remains undeterred. She understands that the survival of these species depends on the collective efforts of individuals who are willing to dedicate their lives to this noble cause. Through her research, fieldwork, and advocacy, she is making a lasting impact on the conservation of the Pampas Cat and the Andean Mountain Cat, ensuring that future generations will have the opportunity to marvel at their beauty and grace.

Dr. Cindy Hurtado’s story is one of resilience, determination, and an unwavering love for the natural world. Her journey from Peru to Canada, and her tireless efforts to protect endangered felines, serve as an inspiration to all those who believe in the power of individual action to create positive change. As she continues to fight for the survival of these remarkable creatures, Dr. Hurtado reminds us that every one of us has the potential to make a difference in the world, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant our actions may be.

Check out the Pampas Cat Working Group here: https://www.facebook.com/pampascatwg/

Read some of her papers here: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Cindy-Hurtado

Find out more at https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/5677af3c924d473ca2866014f16bef2a

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