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Donations and Memberships are critical to our ability to care for the cats. We cannot exist without this financial support. But you can make a very significant difference in other important ways as well.


All animal care at Big Cat Rescue is done by volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a Big Cat Rescue Volunteer please read on for more information on the program.


We accept interns from all over the world and do not have set start dates. Start dates will be determined by the availability of the applicant and the needs of the sanctuary.


These are the actions you can take to help save the big cats. Read through the petitions and call or write your representatives now.


Big Cat Rescue would like to see ONE MILLION people pledge to live CIRCUS FREE!! We promise to make sure the politicians in Washington know that all of us who LOVE wild animals want the circus to stop exploiting them!


We are in partnership with Green and Evolve Recycling which are the leading collector and recyclers of used ink and toner cartridges and other items.

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If you want to be alerted when there is exciting news about big cats or ways you can speak out for them, fill out the form here.

Don’t worry, we won’t share, sell, trade or spam you.

How Do I Get a Job at Big Cat Rescue?

Since we only hire from our volunteer and intern pool, check out the links above to find out how to donate your time to help save big cats.

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