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Donations and Memberships are critical to our ability to care for the cats. We cannot exist without this financial support. But you can make a very significant difference in other important ways as well.


All animal care at Big Cat Rescue is done by volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a Big Cat Rescue Volunteer please read on for more information on the program.


We accept interns from all over the world and do not have set start dates. Start dates will be determined by the availability of the applicant and the needs of the sanctuary.


These are the actions you can take to help save the big cats. Read through the petitions and call or write your representatives now.


Big Cat Rescue would like to see ONE MILLION people pledge to live CIRCUS FREE!! We promise to make sure the politicians in Washington know that all of us who LOVE wild animals want the circus to stop exploiting them!


We are in partnership with Green and Evolve Recycling which are the leading collector and recyclers of used ink and toner cartridges and other items.

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How Do I Get a Job at Big Cat Rescue?

Since we only hire from our volunteer and intern pool, check out the links above to find out how to donate your time to help save big cats.

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Comments 25

  1. Chuck Strunk says:

    I just wanted to say that I am shocked and amazed at the number of people who will judge someone because of what they saw on a television “documentary”. I was looking through some of the comments to posts on your FB page and was literally sicked by a lot of them. Time will pass and you will get through this! My best to all at Big Cat Rescue!

    • Judy Simon AdvoCat says:

      Thank you!!

    • Dina OConnor says:

      I am so happy Joe Vs Carol came out. Now people can see the whole picture. Big Cat Rescue are heroes!

  2. maxwell... says:

    What you guys are doing is great. I think tiger king definitely made you guys look bad but I know for a fact that your not. I support what you guys are doing! Have a great day.

  3. Bobbt says:

    Its heartwarming for me to see volunteers care for predators

  4. Debbie Brent says:

    is there a way to get a daily reminder email in order to click on this site daily ? thanks @

  5. Jim Smith says:

    It’s wonderful what you guys are doing! The only thing left on my bucket list is a visit to Big Cat Rescue. It’s only a two day drive for me, and it’ll be worth it!

  6. Patricia A Fichner says:

    Don’t stop taking care of God’s creatures they’re going to need help and we need two people like you to help them. One day we may not have these cats. One day the only place we see these cats is that your place. Please take care of them God is looking down upon you and watching. Remember God loves you love his creature’s back.

  7. hi I love to join you guys to help them

  8. I can help you guys so i love to see animals i love animals so can i join you guys please

  9. I’d like to help the Canada lynx I am doing a project on it and it’s really a cool creature I am making a poster for it now and well I just need facts and stuff and well you’ll be helping the well being of the Canada lynx please I go to K C A school Nova scotia kentville E mail me @

  10. RYAN s says:

    Thank you, I acknowledge everything you have done as well as what you are doing?!

  11. Stella Marie says:

    1. Please send me the link, for the 99¢ a month donations.
    2. Since I discovered the extra bonus. Purchases made from our Amazon purchases. I’ve been having family and friends sign up to SMILE.
    3. Where are the fleece blankets to purchase❓Can’t find them.
    I’m delighted I discovered this sanctuary. You do excellent work here. Such LOVE and DEVOTION‼️
    Thank you for taking care of Gods magnificent creatures.

  12. yvan umran akhtar says:

    hi i want to look after , and take care of wild animal like tiger and lion im in the uk (england) and i want to know if anyone can help me or advise me how can i find a job or a course to work with them

  13. Abby says:

    Ok OK my dream job is to become a big cat rescuer and I am only 12 but I have already been studying for 2 years

    I love them so much and I think that new laws need to be in Nevada, Alabama, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Delaware, and Oklahoma when I am old enough I want to have my own organization to these Beautiful creatures they deserve way more than this and I intend to help in any way I can.???????

  14. Nathan Rivera says:

    I’m not sure if i should join this team

  15. Josephine Skitt says:

    Can you please set up a daily reminder to click

  16. Michelle says:

    I support you all. These big cats need love and care that you all provide. Peace & Love. Namaste.

  17. Carol Hutchinson says:

    Love you all, bless you all, you are doing God’s work!

  18. Markelle says:

    Someone seriously needs to end the Cat Tales “zoo” in Spokane, WA. It is the most inhumane and horrifying remnants of a 1970’s roadside attraction ever! Terribly sad, and has gone on way too long without notice or attention.

  19. Riad says:

    Hi good morning i am riad frome algeria IAM 39 old IAM very intéresed about a job at Big cat rescue i want comming volunteer ,you are Amazing team i like it where are you where IS your office wiche country ? Or town ?

  20. Riad says:

    Hi IAM riad IAM 39 old i want bé volunteer at Big cat rescue IAM very intéresed about job at Big cat rescue

  21. mooooooona says:

    Great Cats World Park in Cave Junction Oregon
    I visited it 2016. My mom and were HORRIFIED at what we saw and drove in complete silence away. We witnessed a Serval (i think) give birth, with the father cat pacing back and force less than 10 feet away in their “habitat” (a wire cage with grass). The ‘zoo keeper’ didnt know what to do. She was panicking because they didn’t even know the cat was pregnant The owner wasn’t there so they had to wait for him to drive over in an atv.. There were large cats in wire cages on dirt. Only a few cats where ‘on display’, but when you look at google maps there are far more cages than they show you. Many more.
    Have you heard of this place or done any research into it? everytime i see something about big cats i think about that hellscape. maybe its different now. I hope.
    Great Cats World Park in Cave Junction Oregon

  22. mooooooona says:

    Continued from my previous comment on Great Cats World Park in Cave Junction Oregon, the hellhole……….Reviews from Great Cats World Park in Cave Junction Oregon :” Y’all are going to be the next J** E****. Your cats enclosures are so small. 50 cats on 11 acres is criminal. And reading the owner say they don’t need exercise because they don’t have to hunt for food is a joke. They’re still wild animals who need to roam. Not be locked in cages for your profit. Just gross and very sad.”——
    another review: “This place is a joke. None of the water troughs were filled. Multiple animals were walking back and forth out of boredom. You pay 15$ Per person to walk around and look at huge cats locked in tiny cages. The lion could barely stand. They had a beautiful lynx in a tiny cage with a branch and two empty bowls. None of the cats have shade. You can see the paths these cats walk hundreds of times on the daily. It’s so sad. This place needs shut down !!” ——- another review: “The enclosures are so small. All the animals are pacing back and forth because they have little to no room. None of them had water. Multiple animals were locked in dog kennels. If I could give negative 100 stars I would. It was so sad.”
    –*Great Cats World Park in Cave Junction Oregon*–

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