Gilligan Canadian Lynx


Male Canada lynx
Appx. 1/1/07
Rescued 5/5/13

Crossed Rainbow Bridge 6/5/2023

Gilligan’s age is unknown. We were told he was purchased along with Skipper at an auction.

Gilligan had the tiniest cage measuring 5′ x 7′. It was also the dirtiest of all of the cages. The mud floor was not mud, but feces covered with a sprinkling of straw. It appeared as though Gilligan had tried to keep much of his waste confined to one area on top of his plastic dog house. He had perched atop the house day after day to defecate. The large pile of feces cascaded out of the side of his cage. It was clear that his cage had not been cleaned in several months.

Strewn about the cage were bits of meat, bones, and fur. The dog house was too small for Gilligan to fit in and other than a small child’s play picnic table he had nowhere to escape the weather. He was forced to sleep in the open and surrounded by filth.

Because Gilligan’s cage was so small there was not enough room for Big Cat Rescuers to enter it with nets and a crate. So using a wire that they had brought, they constructed a secondary enclosure to the door of his and inside placed the crate filled with soft dry hay. Gilligan was unsure about this new crate and despite its appeal of warmth and dryness, he refused to enter it. He was left to contemplate entering the crate on his own while Big Cat Rescuers moved on to try and catch Skipper.

After Skipper was captured and carried to the Big Cat Rescue trailer, Gilligan had still refused to enter the crate. With no other options, he was sedated with a blow dart. He quickly fell asleep and Dr. Justin did a full exam. After the exam, he was gently placed in the crate and given the reversal agent for the tranquilizer.


When he awoke he was in a soft bed of hay being loaded into the trailer for his long trip back to Tampa.

Gilligan seems absolutely blissful in his new enclosure. In his first days, he constantly sniffed all around soaking in the fresh air. He was also quite amazed by the wildlife that abounds at the sanctuary from cardinals to lizards, to squirrels, he is very observant and intently watches as they flit and scurry about.

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Gilligan watches Skipper the Canada Lynx get caught and taken to the vet in this Wildcat Walkabout Video on May 1, 2014 –


 Gilligan Moves to an A/C Den


 2015 Gilligan Goes to the Vet

Medical Update March 3, 2020

Gilligan the Canada Lynx was reported as lethargic and being uninterested in food for a couple of days. Dr. Wynn is here to examine him in the Windsong Memorial Hospital.  Gilligan weighed in at 35.2 pounds.

Gilligan’s Exam Part 1

Nothing showed up on x-rays, his teeth look good.  Kidney values look pretty good, liver values look okay, calcium a little high which could be a lot of things.  Some additional tests are being sent out to the lab. They are going back thru all his vet records and observations double-checking everything.

He is being given 400 CC of fluids and Dr. Wynn will do more checks. Dr. Wynn said that after flea prevention treatment before he was a little picky about eating and he received his flea prevention last week.

While sedated he had his nails trimmed.  He will remain in the recovery hospital for observation.

Gilligan’s Exam Part 2

April 23, 2020

Gilligan the Canada Lynx knows he’s handsome…

No photo description available.

May 12, 2021

He’s handsome…and he knows it 😍 Gilligan a Canada lynx.

May be an image of big cat and nature

Medical Update:Gilligan tail amputation vet surgery

June 11, 2021 Gilligan has been over grooming his tail and medication was not having an effect. We sedated him today for an exam and once we shaved away the fur on his fluffy tail we found a mass. Sadly his tail was amputated and we will be sending the mass to the lab for analysis.

Gilligan tail surgery vet


June 18, 2021 The mass on Gilligan’s tail was a benign sebaceous tumor. We got complete margins and amputation of the tail should be curative. It is very rare to spread.

January 15, 2022

Gilligan moved to the enclosure behind staff offices. It is the biggest space he has ever had in his life! We are excited to give him this opportunity and give his adoring fans the opportunity to see him on his Explore, Verkada and Nest cameras at

February 1, 2022

Gilligan Medical Update

Gilligan was sedated today as he has not been eating well and has been straining to poop. X-rays showed he is constipated. Dr. Justin spent a lot of time deobstipating him to loosen up and break apart the blockage. He will recover in the recovery hospital over night then move to the outdoor hospital cage until he is pooping regularly again. He will likely remain on a maintenance dose of lactulose indefinitely.

Gilligan Canada Lynx hospital vet xray constipation
Gilligan Canada Lynx vet xray constipation

February 9, 2022

Gilligan Update

Gilligan went back outside to his new home enclosure behind staff offices. He will be in the roofed section until his next bowel movement.

June 22, 2022

So glad to see Gilligan using this natural old man ramp Victor and I constructed a couple weeks ago to gain access to his AC den. This summer is going to be a hot one and it’s good to know he feels more able and comfortable getting up to this cool space.

Gilligan the Canadian Lynx is on the lookout for the meds keeper so he can chase them for treats!

September 20, 2022

Gilligan has been recovering from a UTI in the Recovery Cabana. He let us know this morning he was ready to go home and requested to be discharged 😂 Today after a few home improvements he was moved back outside. The ramp to his air conditioned den was topped off with more dirt making it easier for him to go in and out. A 200 square foot roofing vinyl was also installed to give him more area to be outside when it’s raining without actually being in the rain 🌧

December 2022

Gilligan really enjoyed laying near his Christmas Tree this year!

Gilligan enjoying the sunshine!

UPDATE: June 5 , 2023

It is with great sadness we announce that Gilligan Canada Lynx was euthanized late this evening. We knew this day was coming but Gilligan had such a mix of good days and bad days that I think we waited too long. So tonight we decided it was time to say goodbye to Gilligan. He’s had several episodes over the past year we’ve assumed were strokes, he’s had seizures and has been getting weaker, wobblier, and less active by the day. He had days where we were sure he was in decline and then would bounce back the next day and act normal (for him)and eat regularly. He was finally this weekend at the point where he wouldn’t come over for food and stayed in the same spot all day today, having difficulty getting up. Summer Florida weather is already here and having to stick-feed a cat from so far away attracts flies with each piece that is dropped. We couldn’t bear the thought of him sitting in the same spot, overheating and being surrounded by flies and after seeing him struggle to stand and how the flies were tormenting him we decided he just shouldn’t have to face even one more bad day so the vet team decided we would ease him onto the other side. 

Dr. Justin came in to help ease him into his next big adventure and we will miss this spectacular cat. Let’s imagine him now with his tail back. His fluffy paws crunching in the snow as he chases rabbits. He loved his rabbits. Maybe Skipper is even there. Thank you for 10 years of caring for this beautiful boy.

Thanks to you he’s spent the last 10 years in the best conditions captivity has to offer and I’m sure if he could speak to you he’d say:

“In twilight’s gentle embrace, my weary soul does rest, A tale of love and solace, by humans I am blessed. Dear keepers of my spirit, guardians of my days,In gratitude, I whis-purr, my humble words of praise. Born in captive confines, my world an endless plight, Rescued from the shadows, you brought me into light. From the breeder’s grim facade to your sanctuary’s door, You offered me compassion, a love I’ll forever adore. In the depths of your caring hands, my spirit found release, A haven filled with tenderness, a refuge filled with peace. With every gentle look and every soft-spoken word, You healed my wounded spirit, my heart forever stirred. Through the years we journeyed, side by side we roamed, You taught me how to trust again, in this place I called my home. From the depths of my wild ancestry, our connection did entwine, You nurtured my essence, like a beacon you did shine. The sunbeams danced upon my fur, your voices filled the air,As I basked in your affection, a love beyond compare. In your presence, I found solace, a sanctuary so serene, A family united, in moments unforeseen. But now my tired body wearies, my strength begins to fade, The echoes of my youthful days, a melody gently played. With heavy hearts, you made the choice, the final gift you gave,To cradle me in tender arms, and grant me rest I crave. So, as I close my weary eyes, in dreams I softly tread, Know that you’ve etched upon my heart, memories never to shed. I thank you, my dear keepers, for the love you freely shared, For showing me a world anew, for showing me you cared. Though my paws no longer wander, in this realm we used to roam, Our spirits shall forever intertwine, in the heart’s eternal home. Through the whis-purrs of the wind and the moonlit nights above, I’ll watch over you with gratitude, and send my eternal love. Farewell, dear keepers of my soul, let not your tears be shed, For I’ll forever cherish the love you gave me, till the end. And when you gaze upon the stars, where wild spirits dance,Know that I am with you still, in eternal gratefulness.~ Gilligan”

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  1. A saying I cherish and try to pull into my mind whenever someone dear to me passes, and which I very much believe to be true: “There is no death, only a change of form.” May your next journey begin with all the love, happiness and peace you found at BCR and increase as your new adventure continues. You were well loved, Gilligan, and LOVE never ends.

  2. RIP beautiful Gilligan of the huge fluffy paws. I admired your beauty and your fearless spirit. Run free and chase the rabbits Gilligan.

  3. Gilligan is a very Beautiful And Precious And Awesome And Handsome Man-Puss of a Canada Lynx ?❤️?❤️?

  4. Gilligan and Skipper live in separate enclosures? I thought they were pals that came from the same place… Gilligan ♡♡♡♡☆☆☆♡♡♡♡

    1. Big cats are solitary and these are both males. They lived separately when we rescued them and we house them separately, but next to each other.

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