hear big catsGinger

Female serval
Appx. DOB 1/1/2009
Rescued on  5/5/2013



Ginger is approximately four years old and was bottle raised from a kitten. She did not have a name, so in keeping with the Gilligan’s Island theme she was named Ginger. Ginger was kept in a cage about 9′ x 12′. On one side of her two cougars were housed and on the other was an empty cage about half the size of hers.


That empty cage housed another serval who died a few months before the rescue. Sadly the serval had become wedged in between the door panels and died. It is unknown how the serval died. The dead serval was left in the cage for weeks before it was removed and dumped in an open pit just a few feet from the cage.

Ginger-Serval-2014-09-21 14.44.29

Ginger was the first cat at the Kansas property to be captured. She was netted by Big Cat Rescuers so volunteer veterinarian Dr. Justin and the Kansas City Zoo veterinarian could examine her. Despite living next door to two large intimidating cats, witnessing the death of her serval neighbor, and living in complete filth, Ginger was surprisingly calm during her capture and exam, and quickly adapted to her new found comforts at Big Cat Rescue.

Above photos are all taken at Big Cat Rescue

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Tee Ginger Serval Rescued from a Backyard Breeder


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Read more about the rescue and see photos and videos here:


Jennifer Answers Ginger’s Cat Call


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Find out more about volunteering.

2016 July

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  • Phyllis Griffiths

    How beautiful she is.

  • Jose Luis Anello

    Muchas gracias a todos por lo que hacen a favor de los animales!!!!!!!


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