Hutch Serval always has an opinion. I wonder what he is thinking in this photo.


Male serval
Approx DOB 1/1/2007
Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 2/28/2018

Moved to Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge on December 29, 2023

Listen to Hutch’s rescue story

February 28, 2018

Carole is on her way back to the sanctuary from Jupiter, Florida where she has just picked up an 11-year-old serval and 2 four-month-old bobcat kittens!

Carole got a call from the new management of the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jupiter asking if we could take in Hutch the serval; who had previously been a pet. Hutch will now be a permanent resident at Big Cat Rescue. Our keepers are readying a nice big enclosure for Hutch to live in and enjoy once he arrives in Tampa!

The Florida native wild bobcat kittens arrived at Busch Wildlife as skinny orphans when they were just four weeks old. Busch Wildlife believed they were good candidates for rehabilitation and release and started the process of making sure they didn’t get used to people as they grew up. But they don’t have the state-of-the-art rehab facility that Big Cat Rescue does, so they asked us to complete the kittens’ rehab.  The kittens will move into our rehab area and we will teach them how to hunt and survive in the wild. Once they are old enough, they will be released together.

Can Hutch and these adorable kittens count on your help to care for them at our sanctuary? Thank you for your ongoing support! If you would like to donate to the care of these precious new cats, you can do so at

Welcome Three New Arrivals

Big Cat Rescue welcomes 3 new arrivals to the sanctuary. Meet Hutch the serval, and our two new rehab bobcat kittens, Lucky and Clover. The Busch Wildlife Center reached out to Big Cat Rescue in February of 2018, in hopes of them being able to provide Hutch Serval with a new forever home. Hutch had been a pet to the former director of Busch Wildlife Center, but when they came under new management, it left Hutch in need. The mission of Busch Wildlife Center is to rehab and release native animals. At the age of 11 years, and being a serval, which is not native to Florida, Hutch could not be released.

We did not know much about Hutch, other than he was a former pet. It appears many discarded servals lead to a backyard breeder in the Okeechobee, Florida who holds herself out as a rehab facility but is only known for all of the servals, caracals, jungle cats, and other wild cats that she sells as pets.

This never works out, but when people realize this and try to send them back to the backyard breeders, they are all too often told that the cat is their problem now. Servals are the best hunters of any wild cat species and they cannot be tamed or trained to act like domestic pets.

May 2018

It has been over two months since our newest rescue Hutch the serval arrived. Let’s check in on him and see how he is doing! So, how is he settling into his new forever home at the sanctuary? He is such a chatty cat.

June 11, 2018

Hutch Serval goes on his first FunCation at Big Cat Rescue!

What is FunCation? It is a 22,000 square foot wire-roofed enclosure that has dens, tunnels, platforms, toys, and lots of space to explore.

Why is FunCation important? Giving the cats a change of scenery helps keep their minds and bodies active which helps promote overall mental and physical health. This also gives us a chance to get in their home suite of cages to do landscaping and maintenance such as scrubbing their home platforms, planting grass seed, etc. We can then open up their home enclosure for a neighboring cat to enjoy the extra space which is like a mini-vacation for them.

October 2018

From Keeper Brittany: One of the most important jobs for a Keeper is Observing the Animal. Yesterday I was very lucky to have gone out to photograph Hutch for and noticed the right side of his face was swollen. He naturally has puffy cheeks so it wasn’t easy to tell from a distance.  Thankfully I was using my DSLR camera. As soon as I got the photo on my computer I sent the image straight to the Vet Group and he was seen right away by Dr. Justin.

African Serval Hutch

He is recovering well from his neuter and exam and we are waiting on results to tell us more about what is going on with him since there were no obvious signs that caused the swelling♥ Looks like I have another favorite baby attached to my heart♥

October 23, 2018

Hutch Serval Goes to the Vet – As noted above when keeper Brittany went out to photograph Hutch Serval, she noticed that the right side of his face was swollen. Dr. Justin Boorstein was already coming to the sanctuary to check on Alpha, our rehab bobcat, so he decided to see Hutch as well.

Hutch weighed in at 34 lbs. and was also microchipped. Since he was already being seen, the decision was made to go ahead and neuter him at the same time as his exam.

The abscess on his cheek was lanced and drained. The drainage was sent out to a lab and tested for any sign of infection or disease. Unsure, at the time, of the cause of it, it was determined to be angry tissue around it and not a mass. The wound was flushed with iodine and thoroughly cleaned. He went on antibiotics and medication to manage any pain or discomfort. He also had a little bit of swelling in his knee joint, so x-rays were done on the left rear knee.

October 24, 2019

Hutch is going to remain in the Recovery Hospital for five to ten days. He did not have any obvious reasoning for the swelling. It did not resemble a bug bite, nor did it appear to be any type of dental issue.  More details are explained in Carole’s Big Cat Briefing Update on Hutch and Others 10/24/2018.  Find that video at

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Servals Are NOT Pets!

You can learn many reasons that Servals make terrible pets at:

November 2018

During the colder months, we give the smaller cats straw in their dens to keep warm. That is when we found out how much Hutch the serval LOVES straw

December 20, 2018

Hutch Serval sure enjoyed his Christmas Tree Enrichment. Hutch is full of personality and developed a reputation for his charm. He can be heard chatting in a combination with hisses, meows, and chirps. He has made friends with his neighbors Beacher and Cyrus and adores Ginger, the female serval that lives next door to him. He has frequently been seen napping merely inches from his very first Christmas Tree. He has also been noted to have a great time playing in his den when it is full of hay, before coming out to see what the keepers around him are up to. (Check that out below.)

Hutch African Serval sure enjoyed his Christmas Tree Enrichment
Hutch African Serval sure enjoyed his Christmas Tree Enrichment

June 4, 2019

Hutch goes on FunCation! June 4, 2019 – Q & A Walkabout with Keeper Brittany. Come along as Hutch Serval goes on FunCation.

July 2019

Hutch showing us what a big boy he is.

Hutch African Serval showing use what a big boy he is.

August 2019

Keeper Brittany: Hutch Serval has been splashing in puddles and I’ve got proof! Lol, silly boy.

Hutch Serval splashing in puddles

Fun Fact

Did you know that African Servals are often referred to as the cat of spare parts due to their unusual physical appearance? Learn more at

October 2019

Hutch the serval and Running Bear the bobcat had a blast with their gourds this Halloween season! Check out all of the action!

January 2020 – Hangry Serval

Hutch the serval is a very chatty guy, especially when it is breakfast time!

Keeper Thoughts

Beacher, Hutch, and Cyrus love to talk back and forth, and Kricket will sometimes join in too!
~ Keeper Brittany Mira

I have consistently seen Hutch sleeping inches away from his Christmas tree. He loved it to death! He will be counting down the days until the next Christmas tree!
~ Barbara Nicholas

Hutch is a very handsome boy and he knows it! He just wants everyone to hear it repeatedly! He has made sure to let all his friends and girlfriend Ginger know that he prefers to go by the name “Catsanova!”
~ Keeper Marie Schoubert

Hutch is very flirty with Ginger Serval! He also has a bit of a curl to his tail when he struts around!
~ Keeper Brittany Mira


As you can see from above, Hutch has settled into his new home very well. He spends his days lounging around, napping, and listening to his surroundings with the occasional opinion being thrown out there to anyone willing to listen! He enjoys hunting and chasing down lizards, snakes, frogs, and the occasional bug when he spots it! He and his neighbors have created quite a bond and are even known to chat back and forth with each other.

His keepers and caretakers say that he is a handsome serval full of personality and lots of charm! He has melted and stolen many hearts of those who care for him and his admirers online! Hutch gets really excited for treats and even participates well in the Operant Conditioning with his keepers.

He really looks forward to receiving enrichment! Whether it be thoroughly enjoying his Thanksgiving Turkey or spending time cuddled up to his Christmas tree in the sunshine and even batting around his Halloween gourd. Hutch always makes it clear that enrichment is the best time of the day for him! He also loves getting a bloodcicle which is not only a form of enrichment but a great way to keep the cats hydrated.

When he goes on FunCation, he can often be found cuddled up napping under the palm trees. When it is cooler, the cats get fresh hay in their dens to help keep them warm at night.  As seen above, Hutch gets excited and has a great time playing in the hay in his den before coming outside and being sociable. Your donations make all of these things possible.

Hutch loves making biscuits and has an extra sweet relationship with Keeper Marie Schoubert which you can see through the many videos she provides for the Facebook Subscribers.

Did you know that Hutch has a cute little heart on the back of his left ear that is very unique?

More Photos and Videos Featuring Hutch, the African Serval Cat

Hutch, our new African Serval, sure had a good time playing in the fresh hay in his den Photo by Keeper Rich 3/12/2018

African Serval, Hutch, is chasing a bug. He is such a handsome cat Photo by MaryLou Geis 4/5/2018

Snacks LIVE 4/23/2018

Hutch and Frosty Serval Enjoy Getting Together for Guy Time! 5/10/2018

Hutch Serval is one handsome boy, but he can sure make some comical faces. Photo by Jamie Veronica 6/4/2018

360 VR Hutch Serval Transported 6/13/2018

Hutch Serval says, “Goodnight Friends. Sleep well.” Photo by MaryLou Geis 7/5/2018

Hutch, the Serval Cat can’t decide whether to wake up or go back to sleep. Photo by Keeper MaryLou Geis 9/9/2018

Hutch, the African Serval Cat, is full of purr-sonality and charm 11/25/2018

Hutch Serval is such a handsome boy he melts my heart every time I see him. 12/2/2018

Hutch serval having a staring contest with a lizard 12/17/2018

Watch as Hutch gets his first-ever Christmas tree! 12/22/2018

Hutch is Such a Handsome Boy 12/28/2018

Hutch and Simba Getting Birthday Treats 1/14/2019

Happy 12th Birthday to Hutch Serval! 1/17/2019

Q&A with Brittany Mira 1/23/2019

Hutch Serval always has an opinion. I wonder what he is thinking in this photo. 1/26/2019

Q&A with Brittany Mira 2/5/2019

I think Hutch Serval Think he is Batman in the Shadows! 2/7/2019

Hutch Serval Knows How to “Handle” Each Keeper 2/10/2019

Good Night Big Cat Rescue Friends 2/11/2019

July 1, 2021

Hutch is just the cutest!

Hutch pineapple collage

March 4, 2022

Happy Anniversary Hutch!

April 21, 2022

Hutch moves to Outback

July 19, 2022

Hutch serval loves Funcation! He is always on the lookout for breakfast! His favorite time of day!

Stopped for a chat with Hutch trying to convince him he wanted to get in his pool 😂

Hutch serval pool
Hutch serval pool

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