Jefferson Civet

Jefferson Civet

Jefferson Civet

Date of Birth – Unknown
Date of Passing – January 11, 2011

Jefferson, the civet, was left in a carrier at Big Cat Rescue many years ago, so we can’t be sure of his exact age.  Though he wasn’t a big cat or a little cat, he was loved by so many who have known him and cared for him over the years.  Whether it was watching his antics when he lived high up in his tree barrel home or watching him scoot up and down enjoying the many levels of his newest enclosure, he was a favorite of many.  Our Keeper Trainees were lucky enough to be able to feed Jefferson his daily lunch fruit snacks, so he bonded with many of them.

One of his favorite times of year was the winter holidays when the Christmas tree cuttings would arrive.  He would snuggle and sniff and smell the fragrant boughs, to the delight of all the volunteers who would watch his little dance.  There are so many memories of this little one.  Even though he may have been a little one, he had a huge impact on so many of our volunteers who loved him so.


Julie, Senior Keeper

Many years, many memories.  My favorites are the afternoons, every year, when I would stuff your enclosure with the Christmas tree boughs you loved so much.  I’m hoping that you’re enjoying even more scents, more trees, more things to climb, more bananas to eat, everything you ever dreamed of in civet heaven.  Bye, bye little man…
Nanci, Volunteer Keeper
I saw him yesterday doing his banana dance. I love this guy and will miss him terribly!
Sharon, Volunteer Keeper
I will miss his “war” dance also. Can’t believe that he is gone.
Kim, Volunteer Keeper
I am truly sorry for the loss of Jefferson.
Susan R, Volunteer Keeper Trainee

So sorry to hear about him. I loved to feed him and see how animated he would become.
Willow, Volunteer Senior Keeper
Jeff Jeff was one of the feistiest animals at BCR. He would routinely come charging into lockout to try to bite me, growling the whole time. I found him hilarious. He had a lot of very funny, charming habits–like pooping on top of the barrel in his old cage and shoving it off so that it fell onto the food block, and in his new cage, using those logs in the middle as his staircase. He was always so crabby but too cute to resist. I will mis him very much.
Regina, Volunteer Senior Keeper
Oh,I remember when he was on his barrel and he peed on my head….I will never forget that. What an adorable little guy he was. I will miss him.
Hana, Volunteer Keeper Trainee
As our eyes tear up, we are once again reminded how precious life is. So remember the banana dance, those big eyes fixed on our fruit bowl with expectation, and know that we did all that we could to make his life a fun and fulfilled one. Jefferson, we will miss your silliness and keep you in our hearts forever.
Jan 31, 2011
Little Jefferson, I will never forget how you used to terrorize Marci and chase her out of your cage when she was trying to clean it. You were such a little scoundrel! You and your antics will be missed. I a sure you are still entertaining and feeling better!

Jan 18, 2011
Oh Jefferson… I will miss the famous ‘Banana Dance’ and your little growls and other vocalizations or movements that were so unique to you. I remember from time to time spending many minutes coaxing out of your barrel and down the side of the enclosure. I will miss you little one.

Sue Messineo
Jan 17, 2011
By my Buddy, I will really miss you!

Cindy Kuharek
Jan 17, 2011
Jefferson, I will miss you and your antics so much. Although you were small you had a larger than life personality.

Lynda Licht
Jan 17, 2011
I’m lucky that I began cleaning last month and got to feed you a couple times. The first time I approached you came bouncing over in your adorable way and it made me exclaim “Oh Jefferson, I love you!” Clearly, we all did.

Lauren Grant
Jan 16, 2011
Jeff Jeff, you were a little guy with more attitude than anyone/anything I know. I’ll miss you a lot.

Jan 15, 2011
Jefferson was always there to greet me when I would clean or feed him. Like everyone else, I loved watching him rock out his banana dance, which always put a smile on my face. Love you Jeff Jeff.

Jan 15, 2011
Dear Jeff Jeff, I am glad I got to say goodbye to you when I left in September. You always made me smile- and I will always remember you huffing down from your house and making your way down the logs at 8am and begging for bananas. I hope you will have an endless supply of bananas and food trays to poop in. Love, Meredith

Pam Rodriguez
Jan 15, 2011
Although I only saw him a few times, Jefferson was yet another member of the BCR Family, and will be missed by all including me.

I know that all the keepers loved him, and gave him the best life possible.

Thank you.

Meredith Pennino
Jan 15, 2011
Jefferson, Mr. Curly tail. He coined the “banana dance”. I loved him so. He will be greatly missed. ♥

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