Female bobcat
DOB appx. 5/1/2015  

Rescue October 17, 2016

Moved to Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge on November 30, 2023

Play the story of Dryden and Kewlona:

We got this feedback from a previous volunteer at Spirit of the Hills, summarized below, along with the two adorable kitten photos of them here:

“Dryden and Kewlona came to Spirit of the Hills in June 2015 when they were only weeks old.  They were found in a farmer’s barn in Wyoming. They are siblings and the mother and 2 more kittens were found dead not far from where the kittens were found.

I looked after them during my holidays for 6 weeks and then when I left, they were cared for by the director.  Once they were a few months old they were put into a large enclosure.  One thing I always noticed with them, when I would go back and see them, is that they like high platforms.

To my knowledge they did not try to rehab and release them.  I think because they had been handled by humans too much when they were small.

It was the same with Smalls; she was bottle fed, from a tiny kitten so that’s probably the same reason why she was not rehabilitated and released; because they felt she had too much human contact as little ones.”


(maybe Kelowna after the Canadian city, like Dryden, is what they intended, but everything we find on her is spelled Kewlona)


Kewlona and 5 others arrived at Big Cat Rescue on Oct. 17, 2016 from Spirit of the Hills.  Find out more about the rescue here: https://bigcatrescue.org/spirit-of-the-hills/

Kewlona and Dryden are siblings who were orphaned when they were only weeks old.

It was a tough trip for these little bobcats, but a good long bath & a nap will help.

More about the area where Spirit of the Hills was located

SPEARFISH, SD 9/20/2015 — The volunteer fire department in Spearfish is dissolving after 134 years of service to the Black Hills community, citing low morale and a lack of support.

The department’s members voted 24-11 earlier this month to dissolve the nonprofit effective next Jan. 31, the Black Hills Pioneer reported.

“Of all the things that the members have seen in their years on the department and all the decisions they’ve had to make in the face of fighting fire, this is by far the worst and most gut-wrenching decision that anybody has had to face,” Chief Taylor Custis said.

The department has 37 volunteers, far short of a full roster of 63, and there is a lack of firefighters willing to take on leadership roles because of the time commitment now required, President Janette Hettick said.

The city also has refused to raise property taxes to better fund the department, though the City Council last week voted to make up the money that used to be collected through a fund drive the department voted last spring to discontinue.

“What this department needs right now would be a solid commitment from somebody, and unfortunately, I think it is too late for that,” Custis said.

Mayor Dana Boke said a team will be formed to figure out a plan for fire protection after the volunteer department dissolves.

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I love that Kewlona is still just who she is… Perfectly fierce, shy, and adorable! ~Brittany Mira

Kewlona 2

February 25, 2021

I think it’s safe to say… Kewlona and Dryden approve Victors handy work 😻😻 Huge thank you to everyone who donated last August for my birthday fundraiser (you raised so much for Smalls that she was able to share the wealth with her neighbors) and then again in December for Gales fundraiser to finish the project! You helped make 2 special bobcats very happy! ~Brittany Mira

Kewlona and Dryden playground

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