King Tiger

King Tiger


Male Tiger
January 1, 1990 – March 9, 2010


Male Siberian/Bengal Tiger

King performed in the circus for 14 years.  On November 29, 2004, he made his final road trip ending on Easy Street.  Vern had prepared cat-a-tats that were in excess of 2200 square feet of grassy, shady space to welcome them. Upon his arrival, King just couldn’t wait to check out everything in his new home. He flopped down into the pool for a quick cooling off before racing over to check out every aspect of his mountain cave den. He tried both doors and really wanted to climb up on top, but it was just too high. He swatted the ball about a bit and then went around chuffing at all of Big Cat Rescue’s staff and volunteers as if to give his overwhelming approval of the situation.  He darted around in ecstatic joy.

King’s cat-a-tat is just next door to the Tiger Tail Lodge, where our interns spend three months with us learning and assisting with the care of our animals.  To add a bit of whimsy to the lodge, one of our volunteers, Julie Hanan, painted the Tiger Tail Lodge with tiger stripes.  Since it is a large 2-story building, this project took many months to finish.  King was more than happy to come out and serve as artistic inspiration.  He was very interested in just what was going on next door and they were able to spend many hours with each other.  Though King has spent a life on the road seeing so many places and so many people through the bars of a transport cage, it seems King enjoys the peace and tranquility he now enjoys at our sanctuary.



Go to your new Kingdom ‘my King”! We all loved you so very much! India is probably waiting for you… so you can both chuff chuff all the way to the Kingdom of Freedom!!! I love you forever King!!!! Marie, Volunteer Senior Keeper
King’s presence in my life was an amazing gift. The memories and lessons he taught me will live on…Jessica, Volunteer Master Keeper
I’m very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to be around him. I admired how elegant he was and how he would always just watch you clean. Rest peacefully King, for now you will spend an eternity basking in the warm sun in vast grassy fields with your fellow furry comrades you met here…Shiloh, Volunteer Senior Keeper
King a regal presence in our lives always. I am glad I was able to spend the short amount of time I could caring for him. King you have lots of wonderful company waiting for you! Give them chuffs for us! Lisa, Volunteer Senior Keeper

King what can I say, I was fortunate to have you as my coffee mate. When I had cabin duty, I would sit on the steps and have my break and knew you would join me and chuff my head off the whole time. The stories you told and at times you would make me laugh. I love you so much, be free and when you meet up with Rita, tell her I haven’t forgotten her and she is still in my heart and the flowers still bloom…Kym, Volunteer Keeper
My heart is heavy yet again. Tears are falling, and my head is hung low. What can i say? We lost 2 of our most beautiful animals within days of one another. Run King, run free…run and find your friends in God’s Kingdom….they will guide you…Regina, Volunteer Senior Keeper

I was so fortunate to see you shortly b4 you traveled where we all hope to go. Thank you for looking at me. Please tell Maya, Venus, Shaq, Lola, Auroara, Saber,Adonnis, Herc, Zoe, Miracle, BJ, Nini, Buffy, Stetson, Sultan, Cleo Cougar, Sarabi, Elsa, Czar, Shatia, Daisy, Stalker, Ana, Pisces, Elvis, Dixie and so many more, we loved them and miss them…Rosie, Volunteer Senior Keeper

I only got to meet you once King, but what an impression you made!! You are home now..Scott, Volunteer Keeper Trainee

Your life was never your own, spending so many years on the road. You finally ended up with us, at a place where you could rest and recover. To many, you appeared fierce. You were in pain, but you persevered and transformed into a gentle giant. So many fell in love with you. I was one of them.

You kept me company as I spent months painting the Tiger Tail Lodge, serving as my “model” for all those stripes. You sat in your castle and let everyone around you know, especially Flavio, that you were indeed the King. Time was running out when we finally expanded your domain. But now, we know that you’re gazing over a far greater kingdom where all animals are running free – as they should be.

Your paw prints will forever be on my heart… Julie, Volunteer Senior Keeper



The blaring lights and music
The noisy crowds
“Performing” for their pleasure
Not a life for a KING

But then – at last – peace, serenity
Caring hearts and kind words
Soft earth and green grass
Roaming, chuffing, surveying your kingdom
Being the majestic cat you are

Not a tiger in captivity
But a KING in his castle.

Rest In Peace Handsome Boy.

Dee  (BCR Advocat)

(I will always cherish “meeting” you KING. )

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