Loki Savannah Cat


Savannah Cat
DOB 1/1/14?
Date Arrived 12/26/17

Loki was purchased from a breeder by a family.  Sadly when the husband and wife divorced neither had room in their lives for this young wildcat and tried to relinquish him to the local shelter.  The shelter however would not take him.  It was their policy to refuse all wildcat hybrids.

Lucky for Loki and thanks to Cat Man Chris, dad to internet cat superstars Cole & Marmalade, BCR heard of Loki’s predicament.  Loki was rescued and will have a permanent home at Big Cat Rescue.

Loki was quite shy when he first arrived and would often hide when approached.  He has since warmed up to his new surroundings. The great outdoors must have been a little bit of a shock to him in the beginning.  Now Loki fits right in and surveys the land from his favorite perch high in the tree that is the centerpiece of his natural enclosure.

6/20/2018 - Over 1,300 new followers in a two weeks time! How wonderful!! Welcome everyone, and where is everyone from? - Loki hybrid

6/20/2018 – Over 1,300 new followers in a two weeks time! How wonderful!! Welcome everyone, and where is everyone from? – Loki hybrid

On the day after Christmas we got two appeals to rescue a Savannah Cat.

Kitty Kottage wrote:

Hi BCR! I am Vet Tech and co Founder of a small kitty rescue  in Dothan AL. Called Kitty Kottage. A woman reached out to me about re-homing a not very tame Savannah. We have zero experience with those. I was hoping you could help me direct her to get this cat into knowledgeable hands?  Regards,  Cheri Hannah, Vet Tech KK

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We also got a request from Cat Man Chris

Cat Man Chris Loki Savannah Cat  Cat Man Chris Loki Savannah Cat 2

Jamie and Victor just happened to be driving from Texas to Tampa, so a stop in Alabama was only a couple hours out of the way.

They got in around 11 pm, so he spent the night in the West Boensch Cat Hospital with Noel Bobcat and he should be set to move outside today (12/27/17)

Loki Savannah Cat

Loki Savannah Cat

Loki is such a cutie ? He is sneaky and cautious and LOVES food! He makes little nom nom nom noises when he eats❤️? http://bigcatrescue.org/loki/ Photo: Keeper Brittany Mira

Photo by Keeper Brittany Mira


Loki loved sicles! Watch til the end to see him enjoying his St. Patrick’s Day sicle!

September 20, 2020 Update

From Afton: Loki was brought into the Recovery Hospital to be groomed by operations to try and get rid of his mats without sedation. So far so good!Loki mats hybrid

March 23, 2022 Update:

Loki was seen by Dr. B today for a routine exam since his eating habits have changed. We sent blood and urine to the lab for analysis. He is spending the night in the recovery hospital.

March 24, 2022 Update:

Loki is going to remain in the recovery hospital for now for some further treatment.

March 28, 2022 Update:

Loki’s lab results indicate significant kidney disease. His urinalysis came back negative for bacteria growth so the kidney failure is not due to an infection. We will be moving him back outside and monitoring him closely, keeping him as comfortable as we can until he decides it is time.

April 18, 2022 Update:

Dr. Justin came to help Loki cross the rainbow bridge. His kidney values were worse than his previous exam less than a month ago. He has stopped eating and putting up a fight and was ready to rest.Loki hybrid savannah