Female Serval

DOB 4/1/93 – 4/20/12

Arrived at Big Cat Rescue  6/6/93
Lucky arrived at Big Cat Rescue on 6/6/93 from an auction in Okeechobee, Florida. Although she is hissy she has never shown any real hostility toward people. She is happy to spend her time chasing lizards and lounging under her large trees.

She was named Lucky because this serval was very lucky to find a home like Big Cat Rescue where she can do all the things that come naturally to her and not forced to conform to the role of a housepet.

Lucky died on April 20, 2012 from mammary cancer.

Tributes to Lucky Serval

Pam Rodriguez Apr 25, 2012
Thank you for all the great love and care given to Lucky.

Regina Rinaldi Apr 23, 2012
Miss Lucky we will miss you. One of my favorite servals, I could always expect a hiss when i approached, which I believed, was her way of saying hello. You will be missed and always loved.

Unknown Apr 23, 2012
Lucky, I will miss your sassiness hissiness demeanor, but still love you as all the others. Your spirit is free now and unleashed from the pain here on earth, Rest in Peace pretty girl!

Unknown Apr 22, 2012
Thank you to all who gave her a wonderful life at BCR. I am sorry I never got to meet this feisty girl.

Unknown Apr 22, 2012
I will miss feisty little Lucky Lady. She was wild at heart and never let you forget it. Rest in peace.

Unknown Apr 22, 2012
Lucky Lady! Remeberances of you “hiding” from me in plain sight under a tree being disguised by your beautiful fur and the sunlight through the trees. I am sad yet glad you are now free and chasing lizards and frogs in animal heaven! Say hello to Daisy and the others for us. Take care fierce little one, I will hold you in my heart always.

Nanci Spires Apr 22, 2012
Dearest Lucky – I will miss being hunted by you always and forever! You were the ultimate huntress! I am so glad I got to see you before you left us. You didn’t look or act the least bit sick and that is where you power was the brightest. I have often been asked which cat I irritate the most and it was always you. You, sneaky little serval, hiding under the palm frond growling fiercely, as if you were 10 times your size. Mighty spirit, mighty cat.

Unknown Apr 21, 2012
It is so sad thinking that just the day before yesterday we were trying to feed her but she wouldnt respond. I am glad we found out her injury and could release her from the pain. She was special in her own way and I will certainly miss her hiss every time I pass by her cage. I am glad she can enjoy now a painless trip for her soul in the other side and hope she finds the freedom she deserves.

Carole Baskin Apr 21, 2012
Lucky was lucky in another way as well. She enjoyed purrfect health her entire life; right up until the end. Jamie was researching her medical records to seek out clues as to why cancer would be claiming her at the age of 19, but couldn’t find that she had ever been sick a day in her life. We have some servals now, who are older than 19, but of the servals who have passed on, none have lived past 19, so Lucky had a long and tranquil life thanks to all of you at Big Cat Rescue.

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