Malaya bobcat rehab

Malaya Bobcat

Female Bobcat

Born: approx March 1, 2021

Rescued: November 14, 2021

Returned to the wild: April 7, 2022


Malaya bobcat rescue


November 15, 2021 AM- UPDATE ON RESCUED BOBCAT from yesterday.

Malaya Bobcat is on her way to a neurologist in Bradenton. Gale Ingham is driving her. She was brought in yesterday and has been circling for 20 minutes and sleeping for 30 throughout the night. I asked Erin Carden to name her because she was on duty upon her arrival last night. Her name means free, which is what we all want you to image for her at the end of her stay with us; free to return to the wild

.Malaya bobcat rescue

Malaya has severe neurological symptoms that include tight circling non stop until she collapses into a coma like state for hours.



Malaya bobcat is on her way back from the neurologist.We named her Malaya because it means free.The neurologist thinks she has meningitis based on the diagnostics done today and will be getting injections twice a day until we can get her eating.

November 16, 2021 UPDATE

Malaya Bobcat was seen by a neurologist Dr. Levine yesterday. She had a neurological exam, an MRI of her head, and spinal fluid was collected for testing. MRI results showed several areas of swelling in her brain that would be the cause of her circling and general dullness. So far the thought is it could be toxoplasmosis or meningitis. But we are awaiting lab results to have answers on this. She is currently on antibiotics to treat the suspected toxo or meningitis and is on steroids to help decrease the inflammation in her head. She currently paces in circles followed by equal amounts of time resting in a very deep sleep. So far we have been able to catch her in those sleep modes to give fluids since she is not drinking on her own. We have also been able to administer meds orally using a pole syringe and mixing her meds with meat slush. We have gotten her to eat about 10ml of meat slush (blended turkey, beef, and water) this afternoon and will try to repeat that during her AM and PM routines which will include fluids and meds. All of this is being done through the cage bars in the hospital room cage or by netting her. It really depends on if she is in circling or sleep mode when we arrive. It will be really day by day with her as far as care and prognosis. So far she had had a vet visit for $3530 and $160 for carpeting with rubber underlayment to give her a softer surface that will also hold and trap urine. We bought 2 sets of rugs so we can pull them out each day and swap for clean ones.


She had an MRI at Levine Veterinary Neurology where it was discovered she had multiple areas of inflammation within her brain.


November 17, 2021 UPDATE

I am so happy to report that our newest rescue Malaya is doing a little better. Her neurological symptoms are improving slowly. She is still circling, but has taken longer rests in between. She was also finally able to eat her first meal and scarfed down a whole plate of beef.
We are still awaiting lab results for more information on what is causing her behavior.

Malaya bobcat

November 21, 2021

Malaya continues to improve each day. She has become less neurological and more neurotic as her bobcatness returns. Her lab results from her spinal tap ruled out viral or bacterial infections. So the most likely cause of her symptoms was an impact. Because she continues to get more and more wild being contained indoors we will be moving her to a section of one of the outdoor rehab enclosures. We will continue to monitor her progress closely as she continues her course of antibiotics, dewormers, and anti inflammatories.

December 7, 2021

Malaya continues to improve each day. She is eating well, gaining weight, and her steroid meds were tapered down again. In a couple weeks she will be done with meds altogether. Then it’s just a matter of fattening her back up prior to her release.

April 2022

April 7, 2022

Watching Malaya go free today was such a rewarding experience. She came to us in such a state that I was unsure she would survive at all. Not only did she survive, she thrived! Now she has a second chance to enjoy a wild life.

Malaya bobcat rehab
Malaya bobcat rehab

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