MaryAnn Bobcat

Female Bobcat
Appx. DOB 1/1/08
Rescued 5/5/13


Mary Ann is approximately four years old and was bottle raised from a kitten. We were told that she may suffer from short range vision, however, this has not been confirmed.

Mary Ann was kept in a cage about 5′ x 10′. Her cage was absolutely filthy, feces and meat scraps had piled up for months. She had two small plastic dog houses, one of which was broken in half and filled with urine. The other which she used for shelter from the rain and snow was filled with small animal carcasses.

Tee Max and Mary Ann BobcatsMary Ann was the second cat at the Kansas property to be captured. After being netted and examined, Mary Ann managed to wiggle free from the net before she could be transferred to the transport crate. Big Cat Rescuers gave her space, turned the crate towards her and she leaped inside.

The very next day after her arrival at Big Cat Rescue Mary Ann has warmed up to her keepers. She chirps and bounces happily to the side of the enclosure to greet her visitors.


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Mary Ann Gets Spayed


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Max and Mary Ann on the Catwalk


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Update April 16, 2019

MaryAnn Bobcat was found by feeders this AM with a large wound on her side. She was rushed to the Humane Society where Dr. Justin Boorstein and his team cleaned up the wound and sutured it closed. She woke up from surgery well and will recover in the hospital for 2 weeks. It appears as though she may have been snagged on a tree branch.

Max and MaryAnn over very active and always looking for mischief to get into. Keepers are watching MaryAnn closely and monitoring her recovery. They also went over their suite of cages in great detail looking for anything she may have hurt herself on.

Read more about the rescue and see photos and videos:

Max & MaryAnn Go Hunting

Max Maryann Bobcat
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